Why Do You Want to Be a Surgical Tech

I want to be a surgical tech because it is a rewarding career path. Working in the operating room, I get to make an immediate and tangible difference in people’s lives. It will also allow me to gain valuable knowledge of medical procedures and equipment that can help further my career in the medical field.

Additionally, I enjoy working with teams, so being part of an OR team would be very fulfilling for me. As a surgical tech I would have the chance to work closely with surgeons and other members of the healthcare team which provides great job satisfaction. Lastly, this profession allows for learning new skills through hands-on experience as well as continuing education opportunities which are important aspects of any profession.

Working as a Surgical Tech has always been a career that I’ve dreamed of pursuing. I am drawn to the job for its fast-paced environment, the opportunity to help people in need, and the chance to have hands-on experience with medical procedures. Working in an operating room requires quick thinking and problem solving; this is something that excites me and keeps me motivated.

The thought of being able to play such an integral role in helping patients by assisting doctors during surgery is exhilarating! Furthermore, I am passionate about learning new things and surgical techs are constantly exposed to new techniques and technologies which can be incredibly rewarding.

SURGICAL TECHNOLOGY 10 things you should know!

Why Do I Want to Be a Surgical Tech Essay

Becoming a surgical tech is more than just another job; it’s an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families. As a surgical tech, you will be part of a medical team responsible for ensuring that surgeries go as smoothly and safely as possible. Being in such an important role, you can take pride in knowing your work directly contributes to successful patient outcomes.

Whether it’s assisting with the setup of equipment or helping surgeons prepare for procedures, every day brings new challenges and rewards. You’ll also benefit from being exposed to cutting-edge technology and developing relationships with other healthcare professionals who share your passion for improving patient care. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why many people aspire to become surgical techs – it truly is one of the most rewarding careers out there!

Pros And Cons of Being a Surgical Tech

Although being a surgical technologist can be a rewarding career, with an average salary of $47,300 and good job security, it also comes with some drawbacks. Training to become a surgical tech involves long hours in school and the potential for physical and emotional stress while on the job. Additionally, since they work closely with surgeons in operating rooms or other sterile environments, surgical technologists must pay close attention to detail and follow safety protocols carefully to protect patients from infection or injury.

Surgical Tech Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a Surgical Technologist in 2019 was $47,300. The highest 10 percent earned more than $68,540 while the lowest 10 percent earned less than $31,640. Salary will vary based on experience and location as well as other factors like employer size and industry.

Should I Be a Surgical Tech Quiz

If you’re considering a career in the medical field, taking a ‘Should I Be a Surgical Tech Quiz’ can help you determine if this is the right profession for you. These quizzes assess your skills, interests and personality traits to determine if becoming a surgical tech is the best choice. They also provide insight into what kind of salary and benefits to expect, as well as any special qualifications required to work in this industry.

With so much information available at your fingertips, taking one of these quizzes is an easy way to get an honest assessment about whether or not becoming a surgical tech is the right move for you.

Surgical Tech Programs

Surgical tech programs are designed to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in the operating room. These programs typically include instruction in anatomy, medical terminology, patient safety procedures and aseptic techniques, as well as hands-on clinical experience. After completing a surgical tech program, students can sit for certification exams through the Liaison Council on Certification for the Surgical Technologist (LCC-ST).

Upon successful completion of the exam and other requirements, graduates will be awarded Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) credentials.

Surgical Tech Admission Essay

Writing a successful surgical tech admission essay requires that you focus on key elements such as your academic and professional experience, why you want to become a surgical tech, and how the program will benefit both you and your future patients. Be sure to include specific examples of times when you have gone above and beyond in any job or volunteer roles related to the medical field. Additionally, use strong language to demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm for the position while keeping it concise.

Is Surgical Tech a Good Career Reddit

If you’re looking for a career in the medical field with plenty of job security and potential to grow, then a surgical tech may be an excellent choice. As a surgical tech, you’ll assist surgeons during operations by preparing operating rooms and sterilizing equipment. You’ll also help pass instruments and supplies to the surgeon during the procedure.

According to Reddit users, this is a great career choice as it offers good pay, stability, opportunities for advancement, flexible schedules, and diverse work environments.

Highest Paying Surgical Tech Specialties

Surgical technologists are highly skilled professionals who assist in surgical procedures. While some surgical techs may specialize in specific areas, the highest paying specialties tend to be those associated with cardiovascular and neurosurgery. These two areas of specialization require an advanced level of knowledge and skill, which can lead to higher salaries for qualified technicians.

Additionally, other specialties such as orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery and general trauma surgery also offer lucrative salary opportunities.

Why Do You Want to Be a Surgical Tech

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Why Did You Want to Be a Surgical Tech?

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by science and medicine. Growing up, I wanted to find a career that would allow me to work with the human body in an impactful way. After doing some research, I discovered that becoming a surgical technologist could give me the opportunity to do just that.

As someone who loves helping others and has always had an interest in medical procedures, being a surgical tech seemed like the perfect fit for me. Being able to assist surgeons during operations is something I find deeply rewarding — knowing that my role can help save lives is incredibly motivating for me. Additionally, working as part of an operating room team provides ample learning opportunities due to its fast-paced environment where new techniques are constantly being developed and implemented.

In short, choosing this profession has given me the chance to combine my passion for medicine with my desire to make a real difference in people’s lives — which is why I decided to become a surgical tech!

What Do You Like About Being a Surgical Tech?

I love being a surgical tech because it is an incredibly rewarding job. Being a part of the surgical team and helping to ensure that operations run smoothly and safely is both gratifying and exciting. I get to work with some of the most experienced surgeons in the field, learning from them as well as supporting their efforts.

I also enjoy interacting with patients before, during, and after surgery—it’s always so satisfying when they feel reassured by my presence! As for technical duties, I find it fascinating to prepare operating rooms for use with sterilization techniques; set up medical equipment such as sutures; assist surgeons during surgeries; monitor vital signs throughout procedures; apply dressings afterwards; and help transfer patients between different hospital areas. Ultimately, being a surgical tech gives me great satisfaction knowing that every day patients benefit from my hard work!

What are the Benefits of a Surgical Technologist?

A surgical technologist plays an important role in the successful completion of any surgical procedure. They are responsible for providing direct assistance to surgeons, circulating nurses and other medical staff during a surgery. The main benefits of being a Surgical Technologist include helping patients recover quickly by ensuring that all instruments used during their surgery are sterilized correctly and working properly; they also help reduce stress levels in the operating room environment by maintaining orderliness, efficiency and professionalism throughout the operation.

Additionally, Surgical Technologists have access to the latest technologies which can make surgeries easier and safer for both patient and healthcare professional alike. Furthermore, due to its highly specialized nature, being a Surgical Technologist allows you to become part of a unique team where you will be able to develop your skills further as well as gain insight into different medical procedures. Finally, there is great potential for career progression within this field with many opportunities available at both local hospitals or larger health care organizations such as private practices or research centers.

What Questions are Asked in a Surgical Tech Interview?

When interviewing for a position as a Surgical Technician, it is important to be prepared for a variety of questions. Potential employers will ask you about your experience and qualifications, but they may also inquire about your technical knowledge or communication skills. Some common questions that may be asked in an interview include: (1) What made you interested in this position?

(2) How long have you been working as a surgical technician? (3) What certifications do you hold? (4) Are you familiar with medical terminology and the various instruments used during surgery?

(5) Are there any safety protocols that you follow when preparing for and assisting with surgical procedures? Additionally, employers might ask more specific questions related to the job duties, such as: (1) How do you handle stressful situations in the operating room?  (2) Describe how you would assist surgeons during surgery.  

(3). Doyou know how to properly sterilize tools before they are used on patients during surgery ? Lastly, some potential employers might inquire about your availability or scheduling preferences; inquiring if can work evenings or weekends shifts depending on need.

By being prepared to answer these types of questions, it could help make your interview successful and land yourself the job opportunity!


In conclusion, becoming a surgical tech is an incredibly rewarding career that offers the chance to make a difference in people’s lives and help them through difficult medical circumstances. It requires special training, but with the right preparation and dedication to learning all of the necessary skills, it can be a very fulfilling career choice. With its competitive salary and benefits package, as well as job security in many parts of the country, being a surgical tech could be just what you need to find success both professionally and personally.

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