Orlando, Florida: 6 Motives to Relocate

When someone says “Orlando,†what’s the first thing to cross your mind? Consider this: the traits that make Orlando such a great place to live are farther-reaching than whatever you may have thought of first – including that world-famous mouse. Yes, there’s sunshine aplenty.

1:Abundent Parks And Green Screen

Situated as the centerpiece of downtown Orlando,  Lake Eola Park  is the perfect setting for a daily stroll on the .9-mile sidewalk that rings its namesake lake. The park plays host to locals’ private celebrations, leisurely boating excursions, bird-watching and skyline-admiring ventures. Lake Eola is just one of 37 city parks and 40 neighborhood pocket parks and green spaces residents can enjoy year round.

2: Catch Of The Day 

The simple luxury of fresh seafood might just be the tastiest fringe benefit of Orlando living. For nearly 30 years, Bar Harbor Seafood has been serving up the freshest catch to loyal Orlandoans. This popular stop is primarily a seafood market, with a side of lunch. Stop in for few pounds of the day’s specials, and a lobster roll or a cup of clam chowder on your way out. Want to shop around? Be sure to try Lombardi’s Seafood or Ocean Fish Market, too.


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2:Theater On-Demand

As one of the country’s premier Shakespeare companies,  Orlando Shakespeare Theater  is one of the city’s shining local attractions. With year-round productions of the Bard’s works (well-known and more obscure plays get equal love), OST also features classic and modern works from a host of other celebrated playwrights. Additionally, The Orlando Centroplex offers regular productions of touring Broadway shows, while the Mad Cow Theater and the Garden Theater in Winter Garden also offer top-notch live theater. 

5:Diverse Neighborhoods

If the Orlando that out-of-towners clamor for feels a little too manufactured, the  Ivanhoe Village neighborhood  is the charmingly offbeat remedy. This arty little enclave features artisan shops, galleries, eclectic eateries and a bohemian vibe all its own. Meanwhile, the historic College Park neighborhood has proven a popular residential area for young professionals. On the opposite end of the spectrum,  Orlando’s Celebration Florida community  has become destination-living for families drawn to the Disney way of life.

5:Natural Wonders

One undeniable perk of being a  Floridian  is access to the state’s spectacular wildlife, and the Orlando region really delivers on that front. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, just east of Orlando, is well-loved by natives for the encounters it offers with dolphins, manatees, alligators, stingrays and hundreds of avian species. However, a bioluminescent nighttime kayak excursion on the Indian River just may be the most memorable natural sight you’ll ever see.

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