How to Make Paper Tech Deck

Making a paper tech deck involves several steps. First, you’ll need to gather some supplies: cardstock, scissors or a craft knife, ruler, pencil and glue. Next, cut two pieces of cardstock into rectangles measuring 3 inches by 4 1/2 inches each.

Score along the short side at 1 inch intervals with your ruler and pencil. Fold the cardstock along these lines so that it forms an accordion shape when both sides are folded together. Glue one piece of cardstock to the other where they meet on either end of the fold line to hold them in place.

Flip this over and cut out four circles from another piece of card stock using scissors or a craft knife – these will form your wheels! Make sure they fit snugly within the slots created between folds in your tech deck base before gluing them on. Finally add some decoration if desired and you have yourself a homemade paper tech deck!

  • Step 1: Gather Your Supplies: To make a paper tech deck, you will need a few basic supplies such as scissors, glue, cardstock and a pencil or marker
  • You can also use other materials such as foam core board to make the deck more durable
  • Step 2: Draw Out the Design: Using your pencil or marker, draw out the design of the tech deck on the cardstock or foam core board
  • Make sure to include all of the features that you would like included in your paper tech deck including any graphics that might be present on traditional plastic decks
  • Step 3: Cut Out Pieces: Use scissors to cut out each piece of your paper tech deck from its outline
  • Make sure to keep track of which pieces go with which parts so that it is easy to put together later on
  • Step 4: Assemble Deck Together : Once all of your pieces are cut out, begin assembling them together using glue or tape depending on what material you used for construction
  • Be careful when connecting different parts so they fit snugly together and don’t come apart easily during playtime! Step 5: Decorate The Deck : Finally , once you have assembled your paper tech deck , decorate it however you would like whether this means adding logos stickers or color !


How to Make a Fingerboard Out of School Supplies

Making your own fingerboard can be a fun and creative way to pass the time! To make one out of school supplies, you will need some thick cardboard or foam board, felt paper, pencils with erasers on each end, rubber bands and scissors. Start by tracing out the shape of your fingerboard onto the cardboard or foam board using a pencil.

After cutting it out, glue two layers of felt paper together and then trace the shape again onto this layer. Cut it out once more before attaching four small pieces of felt paper (two on each side) for trucks. Secure them to either side with rubber bands so that they won’t slip off when skating around!

Finally, attach two eraser-tipped pencils as wheels – voilà! You now have your very own homemade fingerboard ready for shredding up some mini ramps in no time flat!

How to Make a Fingerboard Easy

Making a fingerboard is an easy and fun craft project that anyone can do. All you need are some basic materials like wood, small nails, and screws to assemble the deck. You may also want to use sandpaper or other tools to shape your board before adding the hardware such as trucks, wheels and bearings.

With just a few simple steps you can have your own custom-made fingerboard in no time!

How to Make Paper Skateboard

Making a paper skateboard is an easy and inexpensive craft that you can do with just a few materials. All you need is some construction or copy paper, scissors, glue, and tape. First, cut out the shape of your skateboard from the paper using scissors; this should be in the approximate shape of a traditional skateboard deck.

Once you have your desired shape cut out, use glue to attach two smaller pieces of construction paper on each side for stability. Once everything has dried completely, reinforce it all with tape along the edges for added strength and durability. Finally paint or draw any design or graphics onto your new mini-skateboard and let it dry before riding!

How to Make a Tech Deck Skatepark

Making a Tech Deck skatepark is a great way to bring the world of professional skateboarding into your home. With just some basic tools, some imagination and some creativity, you can create an awesome mini-skatepark for your Tech Deck fingerboard. Start by deciding what kind of park you want to make–will it have ramps and rails or will it be more like a street course?

Once you’ve determined that, grab some wood, foam blocks or other materials needed to construct your dream skatepark. Then use glue, nails or screws to secure everything in place; don’t forget to sand the pieces down first so they’re nice and smooth! Finally paint the entire park with spray paint if desired and let dry completely before playing on it.

Whether you choose ramps and rails or street courses, creating your own custom Tech Deck skatepark can be both fun and rewarding!

How to Make a Fingerboard With Cardboard

Making a fingerboard out of cardboard is an easy and affordable way to create your own skateboarding-style toy. All you need is some sturdy cardboard, craft knife, ruler, pencil/marker, sandpaper and glue. Start by cutting two pieces of cardboard into the shape of a skateboard deck using the ruler and pencil/marker to make sure they are even in size.

Once both pieces have been cut out, use sandpaper along the edges to ensure it has smooth surfaces for your fingers when playing with it. Then use glue to attach both decks together and let them dry before adding any decorations or designs like colors or stickers. Finally enjoy your homemade fingerboard!

How to Make a Tech Deck Jump

Making a Tech Deck jump is not as hard as it sounds. It requires some basic supplies like an empty toilet paper roll, a ruler or thin stick, and scotch tape. First, attach the ruler to the bottom of the Tech Deck with scotch tape so that about an inch of it sticks out from underneath the board.

Then slide the empty toilet paper roll over the end of the ruler until its center sits just above where your fingers are placed when holding onto the deck. Finally, pull back on your Tech Deck with as much force as you can muster while pushing down on top of the toilet paper roll to propel your board into a jump!

How to Make a Tech Deck Out of Wood

Making a tech deck out of wood is an easy and creative way to make your own customized skateboard. To begin, you’ll need some basic tools such as a jigsaw, drill bit, sandpaper, glue gun and paint. Start by cutting the pieces of wood into the desired shape for your board – there are plenty of tutorials online which provide information on how to do this properly.

Once all the pieces are cut, use sandpaper to smooth them down before drilling holes where necessary for truck mounting bolts or bearings. Glue together the pieces with a hot glue gun and let it dry overnight – once done you can start painting it in whatever design you choose! Finally affix trucks or wheels and you’re good to go – enjoy riding your homemade tech deck!

How to Make Paper Fingerboard Trucks

Making paper fingerboard trucks is a fun and relatively simple craft project for kids of all ages. All you need is some card stock, scissors, glue and a few other items like toothpicks or popsicle sticks. Start by cutting out two circles from the card stock that are slightly larger than your fingerboard wheels.

Cut four strips of cardstock to act as axles, then cut two rectangles that will serve as the base of your trucks. Glue these pieces together to form the shape of a truck and make sure everything fits snugly against each wheel. Next add some toothpicks or popsicle sticks to act as truck arms and either colour in what’s left with markers or use stickers for decoration – now you have yourself an awesome paper fingerboard truck!

How to Make Paper Tech Deck


How Do You Make a Tech Deck Step by Step?

Making a tech deck is an activity that requires some patience and precision. To make one, you will need to gather the necessary materials: a wooden board, four skateboard wheels, two axles with nuts and bolts, mounting hardware (screws), tools including an electric drill/driver and screwdriver set, sandpaper or file for smoothing edges of the wood surface. Once you have all your supplies ready, it’s time to start building!

Begin by cutting the wooden board into shape using a jigsaw. Make sure to measure before cutting so that your tech deck fits together properly when finished. Sand down any rough edges on both sides of the board once cut with either fine-grit sandpaper or a metal file.

Use painter’s tape along each edge if needed while filing or sanding in order to keep everything even and symmetrical. Next, attach the axles onto each end of the wooden board – use screws as well as nuts and bolts if desired for extra security. Insert each wheel onto its respective axle making sure they are securely attached before proceeding further; this can be done by tightening them with either hand tools like wrenches or pliers or using power tools such as drills/drivers with appropriate bits inserted into their heads (make sure these are tightened firmly).

Finally it’s time for testing out your new tech deck – grab hold of it from either side at waist height then push off gently but firmly against ground level till reaching desired speed – not too fast yet not too slow! If there’re any issues during this stage such as wobbling wheels etc., go back over steps above again until satisfied with results achieved every step should help create smooth rides which last longer than expected through proper maintenance practices followed afterwards ie oiling bearings regularly etc..

How Do You Make a Tech Deck Out of Cardboard?

Making a tech deck out of cardboard is actually quite simple and requires only a few materials. First, you will need some thick cardboard that is approximately the size of your hand. Next, draw the shape of your Tech Deck on this piece of cardboard with a marker.

If desired, use an X-acto knife to cut out the shape or simply leave it as is if you plan to use it just for practice tricks. After that, make four holes in each side and thread through two rubber bands (or pieces of string) so they crisscross in the middle to form an “X” shape when pulled tight – this will act as the axle for your wheels. Finally, attach skateboard wheels onto either end using screws or glue depending upon what type of wheel you are using – be sure not to overtighten them!

And there you have it – a homemade tech deck made from nothing more than some cardboard and rubber bands!

How to Build a Wood Tech Deck?

Building a wood tech deck is an easy and rewarding DIY project that can be done in just a few hours. First, you will need to gather your materials: a sheet of plywood, screws, nails or staples, 2x4s for framing the deck itself and any other lumber or hardware needed for the specific design of your deck. When measuring and cutting the pieces of wood for your frame, it’s important to make sure everything is level so that when it comes time to assemble the frame pieces together they fit flush against each other with no gaps.

Once all of your pieces are cut out then you can start assembling them using the screws and nails/staples as necessary. After that’s done you can begin laying down sheets of plywood on top of the frame until it’s completely covered – this may require some trimming here and there depending on how precise you want things to look. Finally once everything has been put together then it’s time to apply any stain/paint or sealant if desired before enjoying your newly made wooden tech deck!

Can You Make a Custom Tech Deck?

Making a custom Tech Deck is certainly possible, but it takes some creativity and skill. The process starts with selecting the parts you want to use for your deck. This can range from buying pre-made pieces such as trucks, risers, grip tape, bearings and wheels or even making them yourself.

After that’s done you need to decide how you want the overall look of your board to be by choosing different colors and designs for the top sheet of your tech deck. Once all this is decided upon then comes assembly time! You’ll need a few tools such as a drill bit set and screwdriver depending on what kind of components used in order to assemble everything together properly.

Finally after all that work has been put into creating your own custom tech deck its time to test it out! Find some flat ground or ramps where you can see how well the board handles when skating around – if something doesn’t feel right then make adjustments accordingly until its just perfect for riding!


Making your own paper tech deck is a great way to show off your creative side and have a bit of fun. With just some cardstock, scissors, glue, and the right cutting template you can make yourself an awesome looking custom tech deck that will impress friends and family alike! Whether you’re making it as a gift or just for yourself, creating this paper tech deck is sure to be an enjoyable project.

So grab your supplies and get started on crafting your very own unique paper skateboard today!

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