How to Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator

To get to Tech World in Pet Simulator, you must first reach level 15. Once you have reached this milestone, a portal will appear near the beach and it can be used to visit Tech World. Upon arriving in Tech World, you’ll need to collect coins and complete quests in order to progress further.

While exploring the world, there are several different areas that can be visited including factories and laboratories which are full of rare items that can help your pet evolve faster. There are also robots that can help with tasks such as mining for coins or even selling items for profit. Be sure to explore all the options available so that you maximize your time spent here!

  • Launch the game: Begin by loading up Pet Simulator from your Roblox library
  • Once you are in the main menu, look for a map icon located on the bottom left of your screen
  • Select Tech World: Click on this map icon to bring up a list of all the different worlds available in Pet Simulator and select ‘Tech World’
  • You will then be taken to an area where you can select either Solo or Multiplayer mode before entering into Tech World itself
  • Entering Tech World: After selecting either Solo or Multiplayer mode in step two, you will now be taken directly into Tech World itself! Here, you can explore all of its unique features such as special technology themed islands, pet stores and more!


How to Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X 2023

If you’re looking to explore the world of Pet Simulator X 2023, then getting to Tech World is a must. This area features exotic new robotic pets, as well as tons of cool gadgets and gizmos that can help you level up your pet-raising skills. To get to Tech World, simply head over to the map screen on the main menu and select it from the list of locations.

From here, you’ll be taken right into this exciting new destination!

How to Get to Tech World from Fantasy World

If you’re looking to travel from Fantasy World to Tech World, the quickest and most efficient way is by taking a flight. Airlines such as AirTech offer direct flights between the two worlds with minimal layovers, usually no more than 45 minutes. Additionally, many of these airlines have special discounts and offers for those making the trip from Fantasy World to Tech World so don’t forget to check them out!

How to Get to the New World in Pet Simulator X

The new world in Pet Simulator X can be accessed by purchasing the New World Pass from the Store. Once you have purchased the pass, head to your Map screen and select the ‘New World’ option on the left side of your screen. You will then be able to explore all that this brand new land has to offer!

How to Get to Glacier World in Pet Simulator X

Getting to Glacier World in Pet Simulator X is easy! All you have to do is travel through the portals on your map and eventually, you’ll come across a portal that will take you directly to Glacier World. Once there, explore the world’s icy terrain and discover all kinds of exciting secrets!

Pet Simulator X Codes

Pet Simulator X Codes are codes that can be used to redeem in-game rewards in Pet Simulator X. These codes can provide players with coins, gems, special items and other rewards to help them progress through the game more quickly. To use a code, simply enter it into the game’s code redemption page when prompted. It is important to note that these codes may expire over time or have limited uses so keep an eye on updates from the developers for new ones!

Pet Sim X Tech World Eggs

Pet Sim X Tech World Eggs are a special type of collectible within the Pet Sim X game. These eggs are found in certain areas of the game and can be hatched to reveal a unique pet with advanced tech abilities, such as being able to fly or hack into computer systems. Collecting these eggs is an important part of completing the main storyline, as each egg contains valuable clues that will help players progress further in their journey.

How to Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator


How Do You Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator?

Getting to the tech world in pet simulator is a great way to get your hands on some of the rarest and most powerful pets in the game. To start, you need to be at least level 30 and have collected all of the parts needed for a tech portal. Once you have these items, head over to your house and build a portal by clicking on it from the furniture tab.

Once it’s built, just step inside! You’ll find yourself surrounded by blue energy that will transport you into this new realm filled with unique technology-themed creatures waiting for you to capture them. The tech world also features its own set of challenges which can reward players with coins, experience points and more!

Make sure to explore every corner as there are plenty of secrets hidden away here that can help take your pet simulator experience up a notch.

What is the Tech World in Pet Simulator?

The tech world in Pet Simulator is a land of endless possibility and opportunity. It’s a place where you can create your own creatures, which can range from cute and cuddly to wild and wacky. You can visit the many different shops in this world, each offering its own unique items that will help you build up your pet’s skills or give them special powers.

There are also plenty of mini-games to play with your pet, such as racing and treasure hunts. The tech world also has some interesting secrets hidden away that only the most dedicated players may discover! With all these fun activities available, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to the tech world in Pet Simulator for their dose of furry fun!

What are All the Worlds in Pet Simulator?

Pet Simulator is a fun game for kids of all ages where you can collect, breed, and train virtual pets. There are currently six worlds in Pet Simulator: Space World, Submarine World, Jurassic World, Farm World, Rainbow Land and the newest addition – Mystic Forest. In each world you will find different types of pets to collect ranging from cats and dogs to dragons and unicorns.

You can level up your pet’s stats by feeding them treats or playing mini games with them. You can also trade with other players or even join clans to battle against other teams! With so many features available it’s easy to see why Pet Simulator has become such a popular game amongst both kids and adults alike.

Where is the Secret House in Pet Simulator?

The secret house in Pet Simulator is located in the Arctic Land biome. It can be accessed by passing through the entrance located at the end of a long tunnel, deep within an icy cave. Once inside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a large number of colorful and rare pets that are only obtainable from this location.

Inside the house itself lies some of the most sought-after rewards in all of Pet Simulator: exclusive items, coins, gems and more! To make sure you don’t miss out on any potential rewards, it’s important to explore every nook and cranny inside this hidden paradise – who knows what secrets await?


In conclusion, getting to Tech World in Pet Simulator can be a challenge for some players. However, with patience and dedication, it is possible to reach this area of the game. By following the steps outlined in this post, you’ll be able to get your pet closer to Tech World and experience all that it has to offer!

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