How to Become a Surgical Tech in Ct

To become a surgical tech in Connecticut, you must complete an accredited program. Look for programs that are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). You will also need to obtain certification from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

Once accepted into a program, you will have to complete coursework such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and microbiology. You may also take classes specific to surgical technology or surgery assisting. After completing your coursework, you must pass both written and practical exams administered by NBSTSA in order to earn your certification.

Then depending on your employer’s requirements, you may be able to start working as a surgical tech immediately after passing the exam or with additional training/experience.

  • Step 1: Research Certification Requirements: Research the state of Connecticut’s requirements to become a surgical technician
  • This includes having graduated from an accredited program and earning certification by taking an exam
  • Step 2: Obtain Education & Training: To become a certified surgical tech in CT, you need to have completed at least two years of post-secondary education or training in this field, including courses such as anatomy, physiology, medical terminology and microbiology
  • You must also complete clinical training in a healthcare setting
  • Step 3: Pass Exam & Earn Certification: Upon successful completion of your educational program, you must take and pass the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam administered by the National Board for Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA)
  • Once certified, you may apply for licensure with the State Department of Public Health in Connecticut
  • Step 4 : Seek Employment Opportunities : After becoming licensed as a surgical technologist in CT , seek employment opportunities
  • You can look online for job postings or contact local hospitals or other medical facilities where surgery is performed

Surgical Technologists: What They Do

6 Week Surgical Tech Program

The 6 Week Surgical Tech Program is an intensive program designed to give students a comprehensive education in the field of surgical technology. The program covers topics such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, operating room safety and procedures, sterilization techniques and instrumentation. Students also receive hands-on experience in the operating room under the supervision of trained professionals.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in hospitals or other healthcare facilities as a certified surgical technologist.

Surgical Tech Ct Salary

The average salary for a Surgical Tech in Connecticut is $47,851 per year. This is slightly higher than the national median salary of $45,160 for all surgical technologists. The highest salaries can be found in cities such as Stamford and Hartford, where salaries tend to exceed $50,000 annually.

With experience and education, some surgical techs are able to earn even more money than the statewide average.

How Long is Surgical Tech School

Surgical Tech school usually takes between nine and twelve months to complete. Completion of a Surgical Technology program requires a combination of classroom instruction, clinical experience in operating rooms and other healthcare settings, as well as supervised externships. It is important to note that some programs may require additional time for completion depending on the individual student’s academic background.

Surgical Tech Programs near Me

Surgical Tech Programs near you can provide the hands-on training and experience needed to enter a career in surgical technology. There are many different types of programs available, including short-term certificate programs that can be completed in as little as one semester, or longer associate’s degree programs with more comprehensive coursework. The best way to find out which program is right for you is by researching options at local community colleges or technical schools in your area, as well as online options available nationwide.

Surgical Tech Program Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital’s Surgical Technology Program prepares individuals to become certified surgical technologists. The program provides theoretical and technical training in all aspects of perioperative care, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to assist surgeons during operations. Students are also trained in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, microbiology, sterilization techniques and much more.

Graduates of this program have a strong foundation for entering into the field of surgery assisting as well as other related healthcare professions.

Surgical Tech Salary

The average salary for a surgical technologist in the United States is approximately $46,000 per year. This figure can vary significantly depending on geographic location and experience level. Generally speaking, those employed in larger cities or metropolitan areas tend to make higher salaries than those located in more rural locations.

Additionally, individuals with greater expertise and certifications may command higher wages than their counterparts who have lesser qualifications.

Manchester Community College Surgical Tech

Manchester Community College offers students an opportunity to become a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST). The program provides the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level positions in operating rooms or surgical suites, as well as advanced education for those already working in this field. This two-year degree includes classroom lectures, clinical practice and internships to prepare students for certification exams given by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

Graduates are eligible to take the CST exam administered by NBSTSA which will enable them to become certified members of the Association of Surgical Technologists.

Surgical Tech Jobs Connecticut

Surgical tech jobs in Connecticut are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing demand for healthcare professionals. As a result, qualified and certified surgical techs can find great job opportunities in this field. In addition, they receive competitive salaries as well as benefits packages that include health insurance, vacation time and retirement plans.

With the right qualifications and experience, those interested in this type of career can enjoy long-term employment prospects with various hospitals around Connecticut.

How to Become a Surgical Tech in Ct


How Much Does a Surgery Tech Earn in Ct?

Surgery techs in Connecticut are in high demand and can expect to earn a competitive annual salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly wage for surgical technologists was $54,030 as of May 2019. This is significantly higher than the national mean wage of $51,040 for surgery techs across all states.

The top 10% of earners make more than $73,420 annually while entry-level salaries often start at around $37,720 per year. Salaries also vary depending on factors such as experience level and location within Connecticut with some areas offering higher wages than others due to cost of living differences or other economic factors. Furthermore, those who are certified through an accredited program may find themselves eligible for additional bonuses or benefits from their employer which could significantly increase their overall earning potential over time.

What is the Starting Annual Salary for a Surgical Technician in Connecticut?

The starting annual salary for a surgical technician in Connecticut varies depending on the hospital or medical facility where they work. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 the average annual salary for a surgical tech in Connecticut was $52,570, with salaries ranging from as low as $39,080 to as high as $71,930. However, many employers offer higher wages than this if you have experience and certifications that are relevant to the job.

It’s important to note that most surgical techs receive additional benefits such as health insurance and paid time off which can increase their total compensation package significantly. Ultimately, your earning potential will depend on factors such as education level, years of experience and other qualifications which may vary from one employer to another.

What is the Best Surgical Tech Salary?

The best surgical tech salary varies depending on a variety of factors, such as geographic location, experience level, educational background and the type of healthcare facility. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for surgical technologists was $47,300 in May 2019. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $33,320 while the highest 10 percent earned more than $71,400.

Generally speaking, those who work in metropolitan areas tend to earn higher wages than those who work in rural locations; it is also possible that experienced or certified technologists may command higher salaries than their colleagues with fewer years’ experience or no certification. Additionally, certain medical facilities may offer better compensation packages due to higher patient demand or other factors related to revenue generation. Ultimately though there is no definitive answer as to what constitutes a “best” surgical tech salary – each individual should weigh his/her own options carefully before determining which career path makes most sense financially.

How Much Does a Certified Surgical Technologist Make in Nyc?

The average salary for a Certified Surgical Technologist in New York City is $59,440 per year. This figure is based on the median annual wage of all surgical technologists working in NYC and takes into consideration all education levels, years of experience and specialties within the field. However, salaries can vary greatly depending upon location, industry and qualifications; those with more experience or specialized training may command higher wages.

Additionally, certified surgical technologists often receive overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 per week as well as bonuses for meeting certain performance goals established by their employer. Overall, certified surgical technologists in NYC are among some of the highest paid medical professionals in the area due to their vital role in aiding surgeons during operations and ensuring patient safety protocols are followed at all times.


Becoming a surgical tech in Connecticut is a rewarding career path with great potential. With the right education, certification and experience, you can be on your way to becoming a successful surgical technician. By understanding the certification requirements and pursuing the necessary training, you can take advantage of all that this growing industry has to offer.

With hard work and dedication, you can start your journey towards becoming an excellent surgical tech in Connecticut.

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