How to Become a Smog Tech

Becoming a smog technician requires a combination of education, testing, and certification. The first step is to obtain formal training in vehicle repair and maintenance, either through a two-year or four-year degree program at a vocational school or community college. After completing the educational requirements, prospective technicians must then pass the state-administered Smog Check Technician Exam to become certified as an official Smog Check Technician.

Once this exam has been passed, technicians can apply for their State License from the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). This license will be needed by anyone wishing to perform smog checks on vehicles in California. Finally, all technicians must complete continuing education courses every two years in order to stay up-to-date with current regulations, procedures and technology related to smog check inspection services.

  • Obtain Smog Technician Certification: In order to become a smog tech, you must obtain the proper certification from the state in which you plan to work
  • Typically, this will require taking and passing an approved course on smog testing and diagnosis, as well as completing all necessary paperwork for certification
  • Get Licensed: After successfully completing your training program and obtaining your smog technician certificate, it’s time to get licensed by the state in which you wish to work as a smog tech
  • This usually requires submitting an application along with applicable fees and proof of successful completion of your training program
  • Become Familiar With Your State Laws And Regulations: Once you are officially certified and licensed as a smog technician in your state, it is important that you read up on any laws or regulations regarding emissions testing that may be specific to your area or jurisdiction so that you can stay compliant with local requirements while performing inspections on vehicles within your scope of practice
  • Find Employment As A Smog Tech: Now that you have completed all of the necessary steps toward becoming a certified and licensed smog technician, it’s time to find employment within this field! Many employers prefer individuals who already have experience working with motor vehicles when considering applicants for positions related to emissions testing; however there are still plenty of opportunities available for those without prior automotive experience who possess their certifications/licenses necessary for performing vehicle inspections legally according to their country’s regulations

How to Become a California Smog Technician [in 2022]

Smog Tech School near Me

If you’re looking for a school near you that specializes in smog technology, there are a few to choose from. Many automotive repair shops and vocational schools offer courses on the subject of smog technology, which can help students learn how to diagnose, inspect, and repair emissions systems. Look up your local options online or ask around at auto service centers in your area to find out what type of training they provide.

Smog Technician School Cost

The cost of attending a smog technician school varies depending on the institution and type of program you choose. Generally, certificate programs can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Some states may also require additional fees for licensing exams as part of the training process.

Additionally, if you need to purchase any tools or equipment in order to complete your coursework, these costs should be taken into account when budgeting for your education.

Smog Technician Salary

The average annual salary for a smog technician in the United States is $41,404 per year. Smog technicians typically work in automotive repair shops and are responsible for inspecting and testing vehicles to ensure they meet state emissions standards. They also perform repairs if needed, such as replacing spark plugs or other components that may be contributing to excessive emissions levels.

As technology advances, so does the demand for experienced smog technicians with an up-to-date understanding of emission systems and regulations.

Smog Technician Jobs

Smog technicians are responsible for inspecting and testing vehicles to make sure they meet air quality standards. They use specialized tools and equipment, including computers, to diagnose issues with a vehicle’s emissions system. Smog technician jobs require technical knowledge of modern engines and emissions systems, as well as an understanding of state laws regarding air pollution regulations.

To become a smog technician, individuals must obtain certification from the state in which they will be working.

Master Automotive Training

Master Automotive Training provides comprehensive, hands-on training courses designed to give automotive professionals the skills they need to succeed. Their courses cover topics such as engine diagnosis and repair, electrical systems and wiring diagrams, brakes and suspension, automatic transmission/transaxle operation and diagnosis, manual drive train and axles, heating and air conditioning systems, fuel management systems service operations for cars with antilock braking system (ABS) plus much more. With a focus on practical knowledge that can be immediately applied in the workplace by individuals or teams of technicians alike Master Automotive Training is dedicated to helping automotive professionals reach their full potential.

Brake And Light Inspection School

If you are looking to become a certified brake and light inspector, there are specific courses available that will help you obtain the necessary qualifications. Brake and Light Inspection School offers experienced instructors that can provide top-notch training on all types of brakes, lighting systems and vehicle frame inspections. Once these requirements have been met, students will be able to inspect vehicles for roadworthiness in accordance with state regulations.

Smog Technician School Las Vegas

If you are looking to become a smog technician in Las Vegas, consider attending one of the many smog technician schools available in the area. These schools provide students with the necessary training and education to become certified as a smog technician. Classes typically focus on engine diagnosis, car emissions testing, and understanding applicable laws and regulations related to vehicle inspections.

Upon completion of your program, you will be qualified for entry-level positions at service centers or independent shops throughout Las Vegas.

Smog Tech Institute

Smog Tech Institute provides the highest quality smog testing and certification services for vehicles in California. With advanced technology, experienced staff, and full compliance with state regulations, Smog Tech Institute guarantees fast and reliable results that meet or exceed all standards set by the State of California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair. Whether you need a smog check for your vehicle registration renewal or an initial test to purchase a new car, Smog Tech Institute offers reliable service at competitive prices.

How to Become a Smog Tech


How Much Do Smog Techs Make in California?

Smog technicians in California can make a comfortable living. The median salary for smog technicians is $37,592 per year, with the top 10% making over $54,000 annually. This means that highly skilled and experienced smog techs can earn more than those just starting out in the industry.

As with any job, wages vary depending on location and experience level; however, most smog techs will find they are able to make a decent living while working as an automotive technician in California. Additionally, many employers offer excellent benefits packages or bonuses to their employees which can add even more income opportunities for qualified professionals. Smog technicians also have the ability to specialize within certain parameters of the profession such as emissions testing and repair work; this specialization often comes with higher pay rates due to increased knowledge needed for specific areas of expertise.

How Do I Get a California Smog License?

If you want to become licensed to perform smog inspections in California, then you must first complete the necessary training and pass a licensing exam. You can find out more information about becoming a smog technician from your local Bureau of Automotive Repair office or by visiting their website. Once you have completed the required coursework and passed the test, you will need to apply for a license through the State of California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The application process includes providing proof that you are properly trained and submitting an official application packet with appropriate fees. After your paperwork has been reviewed, approved and processed by CARB, they will issue your license which is valid for three years. Along with this license comes certain responsibilities such as keeping records of all inspections performed as well as filing any reports when needed.

As long as these requirements are met, your California smog license should remain active during its entire validity period so that you may continue performing smog checks on vehicles in compliance with state regulations.

How Much Do Smog Techs Make Nevada?

Smog technicians in Nevada typically make an average of $22.55 per hour, or approximately $47,000 annually. This figure is slightly higher than the national average of $20.96 per hour (or around $43,600 annually). In addition to their base wages, many smog techs receive additional benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.

As with any job in the automotive industry, experience and certifications can also impact how much a technician makes – those who work on more complex systems tend to be paid more than those working on simpler ones. It’s important for anyone considering becoming a smog tech in Nevada to understand the regulations set forth by the Bureau of Automotive Repair – these laws dictate what types of tests must be performed before a vehicle can be approved for road use. To become certified as a smog technician in Nevada requires passing exams that test knowledge about engine-related technologies and procedures involved with emission testing and repair services offered by auto shops throughout the state.

How Do I Become a Smog Tech in Las Vegas?

If you’re interested in becoming a smog tech in Las Vegas, it can be an exciting and rewarding career. To become a certified smog technician in this Nevada city, there are several steps that must be completed. First, you must complete the required education for certification as a smog technician.

This includes completing at least 20 hours of classroom instruction from an accredited program approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Additionally, you will need to pass both written and practical exams given by the DMV to demonstrate your knowledge and skills with regards to inspection and repair techniques related to vehicle emissions systems. After receiving your certificate from the DMV, you will then need to obtain licensure through their Smog Check Program.

This involves going through a background check as well as demonstrating proficiency with the necessary equipment used for performing inspections on vehicles prior to being issued your license. Finally, after obtaining your license it is important that you stay current on all rules and regulations governing smog technicians operating within Las Vegas so that you remain compliant with all local laws while providing quality service when inspecting vehicles for emissions compliance.


Becoming a Smog Tech is a challenging and rewarding career choice. It requires hard work, dedication, and knowledge of both automotive mechanics and environmental regulations. With the proper training and certification, you can help keep our air clean while earning an excellent salary.

By understanding the job requirements and gaining the necessary certifications to become a Smog Technician, you will be on your way to becoming an important member of the environmental community.

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