How to Become a Lash Tech in Wisconsin

To become a Lash Tech in Wisconsin, you will need to complete an approved eyelash extension course and obtain certification from the state. You must also obtain a valid Wisconsin cosmetology license. To do this, you will need to attend an accredited school or program and pass the required exams for licensing.

Once licensed, you may apply for additional lash technician courses that are offered through various organizations such as National Eyelash Educators Association (NEEA). These classes provide hands-on instruction on proper application techniques of eyelash extensions as well as safety protocols and sanitation guidelines. After completing these courses, your certificate will be issued by NEEA which is recognized in most states including Wisconsin.

Finally, it’s important to keep up with continuing education requirements so that your certification remains valid and current. This includes taking additional lash technician training classes and staying abreast of any new regulations or laws related to the profession within Wisconsin.

  • Step 1: Complete Required Education and Training
  • Lash technicians in Wisconsin must have a Cosmetologist or Esthetician license from the state’s Department of Regulation & Licensing
  • This requires completing at least 4,000 hours of training through an accredited cosmetology school
  • Step 2: Pass the State Exam to Obtain Your License
  • Once you’ve completed your education requirements, you’ll need to apply for and pass the state licensing exam administered by Pearson VUE
  • The cost is currently $65 and includes both written and practical components which assesses knowledge on subjects such as sanitation practices, infection control procedures and product safety regulations, among other topics related to lash services
  • Step 3: Obtain Insurance Coverage
  • As a licensed lash technician in Wisconsin, you’re responsible for obtaining insurance coverage that protects you from any potential liability issues stemming from your work with clients
  • You should research various types of policies available to ensure that it covers any service-related risks associated with being a lash tech in Wisconsin
  • Step 4: Choose Your Lash Services
  • Different eyelash treatments require different techniques and supplies; choose what kind of services you’d like to offer clients before starting out as a professional lash tech in Wisconsin (e
  • , classic/natural lashes, volume lashes)
  • Research local supply stores where you can purchase quality products necessary for each type of treatment offered in order to keep costs low while providing high quality results for your customers
  • Step 5: Market Yourself as A Professional Lash Tech in Wisconsin
  • Now that all administrative tasks are taken care off (i
  • , license obtained + insurance cover secured), its time start marketing yourself! Create business cards/ flyers , build connections within community (beauty salons etc) advertise online via social media platforms – this will help get word out about your business so more people know about it!


Licensed Vs Certified Lash Tech

Lash technicians can either be licensed or certified. A licensed lash technician is required to pass a licensing exam, typically administered by the state government, and must abide by the regulations of their specific certification program in order to legally provide services. Certified lash technicians have completed an educational program approved by a certifying body, such as The Lash Professional Association (TLP).

They may also need to complete additional training courses or workshops in order to stay up-to-date on industry standards and best practices. Both licensees and certificants are held accountable for providing safe and professional services that meet all applicable laws and regulations.

Eyelash Certification Classes

Certifying as an eyelash technician is a great way to gain professional training and the skills necessary to excel in this field. Eyelash certification classes are available both online and in-person, offering students the opportunity to learn how to safely apply eyelash extensions, understand lash anatomy and physiology, practice proper sanitation techniques, develop marketing strategies for their business, and more. With the right knowledge base gained from these courses, one can become a successful certified lash artist with confidence.

Oklahoma Lash Tech Requirements

In Oklahoma, lash technicians must be licensed to work in the state. To obtain a license, applicants must have completed an eyelash extension course from either a school accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) or an equivalent course that is approved by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology. Upon completion of their training, applicants must pass both a written and practical exam administered by the board before they are issued their license.

Eyelash Tech Course

Eyelash Tech Courses are a great way to learn the skills and techniques necessary for becoming an expert in eyelash extension services. These courses provide hands-on training from experienced professionals, covering topics such as safety protocols, product knowledge, proper application methods, aftercare instructions, and more. After completing an Eyelash Tech Course, technicians can confidently offer their clients beautiful lash extensions with long-lasting results.

Lash Certification Classes near Me

If you’re looking to take lash certification classes nearby, your best bet is to search online for local beauty schools and salons that offer courses in eyelash extensions. Additionally, there are a number of online courses available that provide comprehensive training on how to apply eyelash extensions safely and effectively. Once you’ve completed the coursework and passed the exams, you’ll be certified as an expert in this field!

Arkansas Lash Tech Requirements

In order to become a Licensed Lash Technician in Arkansas, you must complete at least 150 hours of training from an approved lash technician school and pass the state board exam. Once licensed, you must renew your license every two years and maintain continuing education requirements. You will also need malpractice insurance coverage before starting any services on clients.

Nc Lash Tech Requirements

In North Carolina, Lash Techs must receive a license from the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts. This includes completing an accredited school or apprenticeship program, passing a board-approved written and practical exam, and submitting an application with all required documents and fees. Additionally, Lash Techs must complete continuing education courses to maintain their licensure every two years.

Arizona Lash Tech Requirements

In order to become a licensed lash technician in Arizona, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. You must also complete an approved training program that includes theory instruction as well as practical application of the knowledge learned. Once this is completed, you can then apply for licensure by paying the required fee and submitting your education transcripts along with other documents to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology.

How to Become a Lash Tech in Wisconsin


Can I Do Lashes in Wisconsin?

Yes, you can do lashes in Wisconsin! The state of Wisconsin offers a variety of options for those interested in doing eyelash extensions. Whether you’re looking to do classic lash extensions or explore the world of volume and hybrid lashes, there are plenty of opportunities available.

Before attempting to perform any type of lash service, make sure to check with your local municipality as some areas may have specific regulations when it comes to providing these services. Additionally, always ensure that appropriate safety protocols are being followed including wearing disposable gloves and using high-quality products such as medical-grade adhesives and professional-grade tweezers. Once you’ve done your research and feel confident in the process involved, reach out to salons or spas near you that offer lash services which will provide valuable experience before venturing out on your own!

What Do You Need to Start As a Lash Tech?

As a lash tech, you need to have an array of materials and tools in order to provide exceptional services. First, you’ll need high-quality supplies such as lash extensions and adhesives. You should also have different types of tweezers for isolating individual lashes and for cleaning up any mistakes.

It’s important to invest in good quality products that will last longer and give your clients the best results possible. Additionally, you’ll need items like eye pads, tape measurers, lip brushes, and scissors for prepping the eyes before application. Lastly a comfortable work station with proper lighting is essential so that you can see what you’re doing without straining your eyes or causing discomfort to your client.

With all these things in mind starting out as a lash tech can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be if you take the time to research quality products and practice proper sanitation techniques!

Do You Need to Be Certified to Be a Lash Tech in Indiana?

To be a lash tech in Indiana, certification is not required. However, it is highly recommended for anyone interested in becoming a lash technician or eyelash extension specialist to pursue certification and professional training. Certification will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful in your career as an eyelash extension specialist.

It also serves as proof of your qualifications and expertise in this field, which can help you stand out from other candidates who may not have obtained certification. Furthermore, many employers prefer hiring certified technicians due to their experience and understanding of the industry standards. With proper training and education, you can become proficient at performing all types of services related to lashes such as classic sets, volume sets, fills & removal safely & properly while providing excellent customer service that meets client expectations every time!

Do You Need a License to Be a Lash Tech in Michigan?

If you are considering becoming a lash tech in the state of Michigan, it is important to understand what licensing requirements apply. In general, if you want to be a licensed lash technician in Michigan, you will need to obtain a cosmetology license from the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). To get your license, you must complete an approved course of study at an accredited school or college as well as pass both written and practical exams administered by LARA.

Once you have obtained your license, it is important that you keep up with continuing education requirements in order for it to remain active. Additionally, there may also be local city or county regulations regarding operating a business offering lash services that must be adhered too. It is essential that any potential lash technicians thoroughly research all the applicable laws before they begin providing services so they can provide their clients with safe and professional care!


Becoming a Lash Tech in Wisconsin is an exciting career opportunity that can be pursued with the right education, licensing and experience. With proper training, you will have all the tools necessary to become a successful Lash Tech in Wisconsin. The process may take some time but it is well worth the effort when you consider the potential financial rewards and satisfaction of helping clients look and feel their best.

With dedication and hard work, becoming a Lash Tech in Wisconsin can open up new doors for your future endeavors.

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