How to Become a Certified Lash Tech in Ohio

In Ohio, becoming a certified lash tech requires some education and training. The first step is to complete an eyelash extension course from a reputable school or institution. This can be done online or in-person depending on the institution’s availability.

After completing the course, applicants must submit proof of completion to their local Board of Cosmetology as well as a copy of their diploma/certificate for review. Once approved, applicants will need to obtain liability insurance and get written permission from a licensed cosmetologist before performing any services on clients. Finally, applicants must pass both practical and written examinations administered by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology in order to receive certification as an eyelash technician in the state of Ohio.

  • Research and Become Familiar with Ohio Regulations: Before beginning your lash technician journey, you should research state laws governing the practice of eyelash extensions in Ohio
  • This includes understanding any licensing requirements or certifications needed to become a certified lash tech in the state
  • Additionally, becoming familiar with local regulations such as health codes and sanitation standards is important for providing safe services to clients
  • Complete an Eyelash Extension Training Course: In order to obtain certification, you must complete an approved training course from a recognized beauty school or academy that is specific to eyelash extensions and the application process
  • These courses usually cover topics such as safety protocols, product knowledge, proper application techniques, aftercare instructions and more
  • The length of these programs may vary depending on where you attend but typically range from one day up to several weeks
  • Make sure when selecting your program it offers certification upon completion so you will be eligible for licensure in Ohio! 3
  • Obtain Your License: After completing your training course successfully, it’s time to get licensed! You can apply online through the State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering website by submitting proof of completion along with other required documents such as identification cards and proof of age/residency status (if applicable)
  • Once your license has been issued– congratulations! You are now able to offer professional eyelash extension services in Ohio legally! 4
  • Find Work Opportunities: Now that you have obtained the necessary credentials needed for working as a lash technician in Ohio–it’s time start looking for work opportunities! There are many different ways you can find jobs including networking events within the industry or even online job boards like Indeed or Glassdoor which list open positions regularly across various cities throughout state lines!

How To Become A Lash Tech in 2023 | Lash Tech Series

Licensed Vs Certified Lash Tech

Licensed and certified lash techs are two terms that often get used interchangeably, but there is actually a difference between the two. A licensed lash tech has received official certification from a state or local government agency and must adhere to certain standards in order to maintain their license. On the other hand, a certified lash tech has completed an accredited program offered by an industry organization such as the National Eyelash Extension Association (NEEA).

Certified lash techs typically receive more comprehensive training than those who are simply licensed.

Can You Do Lashes With Just a Certificate in Ohio

In Ohio, to become a licensed lash technician you must complete a state-approved cosmetology or esthetics program. However, if you just want to work as an unlicensed technician and offer services such as eyelash application, then all that is required is certification from an accredited school or professional organization. Be sure to check with your local authorities for any additional requirements in your area before offering services.

Lash Certification Classes near Me

If you’re looking for lash certification classes near you, there are plenty of options available. Many beauty schools and salons offer courses that provide the necessary training to become certified in eyelash extensions. With a certification, you can start your own business or work as an independent contractor at a salon.

Before enrolling in any class, make sure to check the credentials of the instructor and read reviews from past students to ensure that it’s a quality program.

Can a Certified Lash Tech Certify Someone Else

No, a certified lash tech cannot certify someone else. Becoming a Certified Lash Tech requires extensive training and experience that is regulated by the state or local government. Therefore, only those who have been properly trained and licensed can become certified to provide lash services to clients.

Lash Technician School

If you’re looking to gain the skills and certification needed to become a Lash Technician, attending lash technician school is a great option. Lash technician schools provide comprehensive training on how to apply eyelash extensions safely, correctly and artistically. You can expect courses in anatomy, sanitation and sterilization, product knowledge, client consultation techniques, business management strategies as well as hands-on practice with mannequins and live models.

After completing your studies at a lash technician school you will be fully prepared to start your career as an independent lash technician or even open up your own salon.

Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Laws And Rules Test

The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Laws and Rules Test is a mandated requirement for any professional cosmetologist or hair stylist in the state of Ohio. The test covers topics such as sanitation, safety, general laws and regulations related to operating a salon business. Upon successful completion of this exam, applicants can apply for their license with the board.

Lash Classes Columbus Ohio

If you’re looking to get certified in the art of lash extensions, then look no further than Lash Classes Columbus Ohio. This comprehensive course is designed to equip aspiring lash techs with the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and effective application of eyelash extensions. By attending this class, participants will learn about proper sanitation practices, client consultation and aftercare instructions -all essential topics for any successful lash technician- as well as advanced techniques like creating volume lashes and styling for different eye shapes.

Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been a licensed esthetician for years, Lash Classes Columbus Ohio can provide you with everything you need to become a highly-skilled professional in the field of eyelash extension applications!

Esthetician License Ohio

In Ohio, anyone working as an esthetician must obtain a license from the State Medical Board of Ohio. To qualify for licensure, applicants must have completed 600 hours of approved cosmetology training and successfully passed both written and practical exams administered by the board. Applicants may also be required to pass background checks in order to receive their license.

Once licensed, all estheticians are expected to abide by state laws governing the practice of aesthetics in Ohio.

How to Become a Certified Lash Tech in Ohio


Can I Do Lashes With Just a Certificate in Ohio?

In Ohio, the answer to whether you can do lashes with just a certificate depends on the type of certification. To be able to perform eyelash extensions in Ohio, you must hold one of two certifications: either a ‘Cosmetology or Esthetician’ license from the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology or an ‘Esthetics License’ from the Ohio Department of Health. With either license, you will need to complete additional training and obtain continuing education credits if necessary in order for your certification to remain valid.

It is important that when considering any beauty service such as lash extensions that it is performed by a qualified professional who holds an up-to-date and valid license in their field so that clients can trust they are receiving quality services and care.

Do I Need a License to Be a Lash Tech in Ohio?

In Ohio, it is required to have a license in order to work as a lash tech. To obtain this license you must complete an Ohio State Board of Cosmetology approved course and pass the state exam for licensure. You must also renew your license every two years by completing continuing education courses.

The cost of obtaining the initial license will vary depending on which school or program you choose but generally ranges between $150-200. Additionally, some cities may require additional certifications if they are regulated by the local health department. The process of becoming licensed involves more than just taking classes and passing tests though; there are numerous requirements that must be met in order to qualify for licensure including maintaining a high level of professional ethics, having knowledge about safety protocols and sanitation procedures, being able to recognize skin conditions and allergies, understanding how products interact with different people’s skin types, demonstrating proficiency with various eyelash application techniques among many other standards set forth by the board.

It is important for anyone considering becoming a lash tech in Ohio to research all applicable licensing requirements thoroughly before committing time and money into training programs or courses. Doing so can save both time and money down the road when it comes time for renewal or recertification processes as well as ensure that no laws are broken unintentionally during practice as a licensed technician in this field!

How Much Does a Lash Tech Make in Ohio?

As a lash tech in Ohio, you can expect to make an average of $46,000 per year. This figure varies greatly based on your experience and the services that you offer. Entry-level technicians may start at around $25,000 while experienced professionals with advanced skills may be able to command higher rates up to $75,000 or more annually.

As a lash technician in Ohio, you must have a valid license as well as complete training and certification courses before offering any services. You also need to purchase lash supplies such as eyelash extensions and adhesives which will add additional costs to your business expenses. However, even after accounting for these costs, many technicians find that they are still making good money when they factor in tips from their clients.


What is the Difference between Licensed And Certified Lash Tech in Texas?

In Texas, there is a big difference between a Licensed and Certified Lash Tech. A Licensed Lash Technician in Texas is someone who has met the State’s licensing requirements to perform eyelash extensions services for clients. This includes completing an approved training program, passing a written exam, holding professional liability insurance coverage and obtaining an occupational license from their local county or city government agency.

In contrast, Certified Lash Technicians are considered professionals with higher-level skills than Licensed Lash Technicians because they have completed additional advanced training courses related to lash extensions techniques such as volume lashing or classic lashing. They must also pass another certification exam that covers topics like sanitation standards, product knowledge and proper application methods before being awarded their Certified status. Additionally, many states require Certified Lash Technicians to maintain continuing education credits in order to stay current with state regulations and best practices within the industry.


Becoming a certified lash tech in Ohio is an exciting and rewarding career opportunity. With the right education, certification, and licensing requirements, you can become a valued member of Ohio’s beauty industry. Not only will you be able to provide excellent service to your clients but also increase your earning potential within this growing field.

The steps outlined above are essential for becoming certified and making sure that you uphold the highest standards of excellence when providing services. With hard work, dedication and commitment to learning as much as possible about lashing techniques, anyone can become a successful Lash Tech in Ohio!

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