How to Be a Better Pharmacy Tech

1. Stay organized. Keep track of all orders, prescriptions, and medications to ensure accuracy at all times. 2. Maintain a professional attitude when dealing with customers and other healthcare professionals.

Be polite and attentive when helping patients with their needs. 3. Remain up-to-date on new medications, treatments, or changes in regulations that could affect the pharmacy environment you are working in daily. 4. Take initiative to learn new tasks such as compounding medication or setting up IVs for customers who require them from the pharmacy techs .

5 . Participate in continuing education opportunities such as seminars and classes to stay abreast of industry updates . 6 .

Observe proper safety procedures when handling medicine , equipment , chemicals , etc., always adhering strictly to guidelines set forth by your employer . 7 . Provide helpful advice and information about medication use , side effects , interactions between drugs, etc., so that patients can make informed decisions about their health care options 8 .

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the pharmacy industry: It is important to understand how the pharmacy works, what medications are available, and how they interact with each other
  • This will help you better serve customers in a knowledgeable way
  • Learn about drugs: Knowing information about various drug types such as common uses, side effects, interactions and contraindications will allow you to provide accurate advice when dispensing medication to customers or answering their questions
  • Develop interpersonal skills: A good pharmacy tech should be able to communicate effectively with both patients and co-workers alike in order to get tasks done quickly and efficiently while providing quality customer service at all times
  • Practice accuracy: Pharmacy technicians must pay close attention to detail when filling prescriptions as even small mistakes can have serious consequences for patients’ health outcomes if not caught before medications are dispensed out the door! Being organized is key here so that no steps get missed along the way which could leadto errors being made
  • Become certified: In many states, certification is required for those who want to practice as a pharmacy technician; look into local regulations where applicable or take an exam through a recognized organization like PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board)
  • Doing so will demonstrate your commitment in this field as well as give employers assurance that you know your stuff!

Everything you need to know about being a Pharmacy Technician | WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE APPLYING

Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Tips And Tricks

As a Walgreens pharmacy technician, you’ll need to be organized and detail-oriented in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the job. To help you stay on top of your workload, here are some tips and tricks that may come in handy: know your medications inside and out; stay informed about new regulations; practice good customer service skills; be mindful of product expiration dates; follow safety protocols for hazardous materials handling; use technology to streamline tasks whenever possible. Taking advantage of these tips and tricks can help ensure that you provide the highest quality care for your patients.

Pharmacy Technician Qualities And Skills

A successful pharmacy technician should possess a range of qualities and skills, including excellent communication and customer service abilities, attention to detail, the ability to multitask effectively, knowledge of medical terminology and pharmaceuticals, computer literacy and accuracy when entering data into a system. They must also have strong organizational skills in order to manage multiple tasks at once. As such, having an understanding of basic mathematics is essential for this role as well.

Pharmacy Tips And Tricks

Pharmacy tips and tricks can help you save money on your medications, stay organized and make the most of your healthcare experience. Make sure to ask your pharmacist questions about any prescription drugs you are taking, as they may be able to provide useful information such as dosage instructions or potential side effects. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to double check that all of your prescriptions are in order and up-to-date before leaving the pharmacy so that there are no issues when trying to fill them later on.

Lastly, try signing up for discount programs like GoodRx which can offer additional savings on certain medications—ask your pharmacist if this is an option available!

What is the Typical Salary for a Pharmacy Technician?

The typical salary for a Pharmacy Technician is between $30,000 and $40,000 per year. This amount can vary depending on experience level, location, and other factors such as employer type or shift hours worked. Those with additional certifications may be able to earn more than the average Pharmacy Technician salary.

Performance Goals for Pharmacy Technicians

Performance goals for Pharmacy Technicians are designed to ensure that they stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, provide quality customer service, and maintain high levels of accuracy in filling prescriptions. These goals may include completing continuing education courses or certifications, keeping accurate records and inventory of medications, staying informed about relevant laws and regulations related to pharmacy practice, and providing prompt service to customers. Additionally, Pharmacy Technicians must also be knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals in order to correctly answer questions posed by patients or pharmacists.

Skills of Pharmacy Technician for Resume

Pharmacy technicians play an integral role in the healthcare industry, and employers seek candidates with specialized knowledge, experience and technical skills. When writing a resume for this position, it is important to highlight your qualifications such as pharmacy calculations proficiency, medication inventory management expertise, customer service abilities and computer competency. Additionally, you should mention any certifications or licenses earned that are related to pharmacy technician activities.

By emphasizing relevant skillsets on your resume for a pharmacy technician job opening, you can help ensure that you stand out from other applicants vying for the same opportunity.

Things a Pharmacy Tech Should Know

As a Pharmacy Tech, it is important to be knowledgeable of the different aspects of pharmacy operations. This includes understanding medication dosages, storage requirements, and drug interactions. Additionally, you should have an in-depth knowledge of insurance plans and formularies as well as patient confidentiality protocols.

Furthermore, strong customer service skills are essential for success in this role as you will frequently interact with patients and other healthcare professionals when filling prescriptions or responding to inquiries.

How to Be a Better Pharmacy Tech


How Can I Be a Good Pharm Tech?

Being a Pharmacy Technician can be both an exciting and important job. It involves being responsible for managing the medication supply, receiving and stocking medications, preparing prescription orders, counting tablets, labeling containers and helping patients understand how to take their medications. To be a successful Pharm Tech you need to have strong attention to detail and excellent customer service skills.

Additionally, it is important that you stay up-to-date on the latest pharmacy procedures and practices as well as any changes in laws or regulations related to pharmacy practice. You should also possess good math skills since much of your work involves calculations such as measuring doses of medication. Finally, it is essential that you remain organized with filing paperwork correctly so orders are filled accurately without delay.

By following these tips you will be able set yourself apart from other Pharm Techs while ensuring your success in this field!

What is the Hardest Part of Being a Pharmacy Technician?

Being a pharmacy technician can be a rewarding job, but it also comes with its challenges. The hardest part of being a pharmacy technician is dealing with the responsibility that comes with the position. Pharmacy technicians are entrusted to accurately fill prescriptions and provide medication information to customers.

This requires great attention to detail and knowledge of pharmaceuticals, dosages, contraindications, drug interactions and more. In addition to filling prescriptions accurately, pharmacy technicians must also adhere strictly to legal requirements such as verifying patient identities and maintaining confidentiality when interacting with customers or their healthcare providers. Keeping up-to-date on industry changes can also prove challenging; for instance, new laws may require additional paperwork or processes that need adhering to in order for pharmacies to remain compliant.

Finally, working within tight time frames can be difficult – particularly during peak times when there are multiple orders needing filled at once – requiring good organizational skills along with physical endurance in order stay ahead while still ensuring accuracy.

What are Some Hard Skills a Pharmacy Technician?

Being a pharmacy technician requires an individual to possess certain hard skills in order to be successful. These skills include the ability to accurately and efficiently measure, mix, count out, label and record medication dosages for patients. Pharmacy technicians must also have a good understanding of medical terminology and abbreviations as well as knowledge of common drugs and their use.

They need excellent organizational skills along with the ability to keep accurate records related to patient information, inventory levels and billing information. In addition, they must have strong customer service abilities in order to assist customers with questions or concerns about medications or supplies. Furthermore, excellent communication skills are necessary for successful interactions between pharmacists, physicians and nurses when exchanging vital pharmaceutical information regarding patient care.

What Type of Pharmacy Tech Makes the Most Money?

Pharmacy technicians are an essential part of any pharmacy and play a vital role in providing medications to patients. They often work closely with pharmacists, helping them fill prescriptions and manage the daily operations of a pharmacy. As such, they can be compensated well if they have the right skillset and experience.

Generally speaking, those who specialize in compounding (or creating custom medication doses) tend to make the most money as a pharmacy technician. Compounding not only requires specialized knowledge but also a certain level of accuracy as mistakes can be costly or even dangerous. Pharmacy techs that specialize in compounding may need additional certifications depending on their state’s laws, but this tends to come with higher salary potentials than other types of pharmacy tech roles.

Additionally, some states require certification for all levels of technician positions; meaning individuals without specializations may still earn more than those without certification requirements due to increased demand for qualified professionals in their field.


By following the tips in this blog post, you can become a better pharmacy tech and make a meaningful contribution to your patients’ health. Through increasing your knowledge of pharmacology, expanding on your communication skills with both customers and colleagues, staying organized and up-to-date on regulations, and understanding the importance of accuracy, you can take pride in knowing that you are helping people lead healthier lives. With these steps taken into consideration when growing as a pharmacy tech, you can provide outstanding service to all those who come through the door.

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