How Much Does a Vet Tech Make in Wisconsin

The average annual salary for a vet tech in Wisconsin is $35,231. This is higher than the national average of $33,369. Wages can vary depending on experience and geographic location within the state; those with more experience typically earn higher salaries.

PayScale reports that entry-level veterinary technicians in Wisconsin make an average of $25,000 annually while experienced professionals can make up to $48,249 per year. The highest paid veterinary technicians are located in Milwaukee and Madison where wages range from approximately $41k to over $50k per year.

Vet Techs in Wisconsin have an excellent job outlook, with salaries that vary based on experience, location and additional certifications. According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for veterinary technicians in Wisconsin is $37,450. The highest paid Vet Techs can make up to $50,000 per year in Wisconsin depending on their experience level and any specializations they have obtained.

Additionally, many employers offer benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans which can further increase a Vet Tech’s earning potential.

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How Much Does a Veterinarian Make in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the average salary for a veterinarian is approximately $86,000 per year. This is slightly above the national median salary for veterinarians which stands at around $83,000 annually. However, salaries can vary widely depending on location and experience level of the vet.

For example, veterinarians living in larger cities like Milwaukee or Madison usually make more than those living in rural areas due to higher cost of living and greater demand for their services. Additionally experienced vets typically have higher salaries than newly graduated ones as they’ve had time to build up their client base and hone their skillset over time.

Vet Tech Certification Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, prospective Veterinary Technicians (Vet Techs) must complete an accredited program and pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination in order to become certified. The American Association of Veterinary State Boards approves a number of Vet Tech programs offered through universities and colleges throughout the state, including University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fox Valley Technical College, Gateway Technical College and Globe University. Once certification has been obtained, Vet Techs must also renew their license every two years by completing at least 15 hours of continuing education credits.

How Much Does a Vet Tech Make an Hour

Vet techs, or veterinary technicians, are highly-skilled medical professionals who provide health care to animals. On average, vet techs make between $13 and $20 per hour depending on experience level and geographic area of practice. Additionally, some employers may offer bonuses or incentives for certifications or extra responsibilities taken on by the technician.

What Does a Vet Tech Do

Veterinary technicians, also known as vet techs, are professionals who provide support to veterinarians in animal care. They help with patient care, laboratory work and surgical assistance by monitoring vital signs, administering medications and providing nursing care for animals. Vet techs also act as a liaison between the veterinarian and the pet owner by educating clients about proper pet health habits and answering any questions they may have.

Vet Tech Salary

Vet techs are an integral part of veterinary medicine, and their salaries reflect the importance of their role in animal care. According to PayScale, vet techs have a median salary of $34,053 per year. However, pay can vary widely based on experience level and geographic location.

In larger cities or areas with higher costs of living, vet techs may earn significantly more than the national average.

Vet Tech Programs in Wisconsin

Vet Tech Programs in Wisconsin are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for veterinary technicians continues to grow. The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) has accredited four vet tech programs located throughout the state, all of which provide students with a quality education and hands-on training in order to prepare them for successful careers as Vet Technicians. These programs offer excellent coursework that covers topics such as animal anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, and much more.

Graduates can look forward to finding employment at private practices or larger organizations like zoos and wildlife centers upon completion of their degree program.

Vet Tech Jobs Wisconsin

Wisconsin boasts a growing veterinary technician job market with many opportunities for animal lovers to pursue their passion. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin is one of the top ten states in terms of employment level and growth rate for vet techs. Job seekers can find positions in both rural and urban areas with some employers offering competitive salaries, benefits packages, and career advancement prospects.

With its diverse array of wildlife from birds and mammals to reptiles and amphibians, Wisconsin offers unique experiences for aspiring vet techs that cannot be found elsewhere.

How Much Does a Vet Tech Make in Michigan

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for vet techs in Michigan is $31,730 annually as of May 2018. This amounts to an hourly wage of $15.25 per hour on average, and wages can range from around $21,210 to up to $44,630 depending on experience and location within the state.

How Much Does a Vet Tech Make in Wisconsin


How Much Do Certified Vet Techs Make in Wisconsin?

Certified Veterinary Technicians in Wisconsin have a wide range of salaries depending on their experience, skills and the region they are working in. Generally speaking, the average annual salary for a Certified Vet Tech in Wisconsin is around $36,000 to $42,000. This is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which also indicates that those with more experience or who work in larger cities will earn higher wages than those just starting out or who work in rural areas.

Those at the top end of pay scale can earn up to $58,000 per year while entry-level positions may only make between $24,000 and $30,000 annually. It’s important to note that salaries can also vary depending on where you live since some places may offer higher wages due to increased competition for jobs or cost of living differences. For example, Madison has one of highest median vet tech salaries at around $40K per year while Milwaukee tends to be slightly lower at about 35K per year.

Ultimately it really depends upon your specific qualifications as well as market conditions so if you want to maximize your earning potential it’s best to research what other certified vet techs are making within your area before applying for jobs.

Is Being a Vet Tech Worth It Pay?

Being a vet tech is an incredibly rewarding job that comes with many benefits. Not only do you get to help animals, but you also get paid for it! With the right qualifications and experience, vet techs can make a decent salary of between $30,000 and $45,000 per year.

While this may not be as high as some other professions out there, it still carries its own set of advantages. A career in veterinary technology offers plenty of opportunities for personal growth and advancement. You’ll gain knowledge in animal care while learning how to provide the best possible medical attention to sick or injured pets.

As your skills improve over time, so will your pay rate – making being a vet tech well worth the effort! Other than monetary gains, working with animals provides immense satisfaction from being able to help them recover from their ailments or providing comfort during their journey towards crossing the rainbow bridge. In conclusion, becoming a veterinarian technician is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for stable employment that pays well and allows you to work closely with animals on a daily basis.

It takes hard work and dedication – but seeing the positive results makes it all worthwhile in the end!

What is the Highest Paying Vet Tech Job?

Veterinary technicians are an important part of the veterinary healthcare team, providing vital support to veterinarians. They help diagnose and treat animals in need of medical care, provide preventive care services such as vaccinations or spaying/neutering and assist in surgery. With their knowledge and skillset, vet techs have the opportunity to work in a wide range of settings and for different types of employers – all with varying salary potentials.

The highest paying vet tech job is typically found within specialty practices that offer specialized services like oncology or radiology; these jobs may also be found at universities or research institutions where they’ll often command higher salaries due to the highly-specialized expertise required. Additionally, those who choose to pursue certification can receive wage premiums over uncertified employees – making it even more advantageous to become certified! Vet techs working in private practice settings can look forward to competitive salaries as well; however, wages will depend greatly on geographical location and employer size/type (e.g., non-profit vs corporate).

Finally, many veterinary technicians find great success working remotely from home either through telemedicine companies or contract work with other professionals online. No matter which route you take when pursuing a career as a vet tech, you can rest assured that it’s possible to earn a very comfortable living if you’re willing put forth the effort!

Do You Have to Be Certified to Be a Vet Tech in Wisconsin?

In the state of Wisconsin, becoming a veterinary technician requires certification beyond simply completing a degree program. To become certified in Wisconsin, one must first gain licensure from the Veterinary Examining Board (VEB). This process includes applying for a license and passing an exam administered by the VEB.

Upon successful completion of this exam, one can then apply to become certified as a veterinary technician in Wisconsin through an approved certifying body or agency recognized by the VEB. The application process involves providing proof that you have completed all necessary educational requirements, including formal training and supervised clinical experience within an accredited program. Additionally, applicants must pass both the national and state exams issued by the certifying body before they are eligible to be considered as certified veterinary technicians in Wisconsin.

Once certification is achieved, individuals may also need to complete additional continuing education courses every two years to maintain their status as a certified vet tech in Wisconsin.


In conclusion, becoming a veterinary technician in Wisconsin is a great career choice with many available opportunities. Vet techs can earn up to $34,000 per year and receive benefits such as paid vacation and health insurance. With the growing demand for vet techs in the state of Wisconsin, individuals considering this profession have an excellent chance at finding gainful employment and having a successful career.

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