How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make in Mn

On average, a surgical technologist in Minnesota makes an annual salary of $46,125. This is slightly higher than the national average for this position which is around $45,000 per year. The exact amount that a person can make as a surgical technologist will depend on their level of experience and where they work.

For example, experienced professionals may make more than those just starting out in the field or working in rural areas with lower cost of living expenses. Additionally, some organizations may offer bonuses or other incentives to talented employees who demonstrate exceptional skill and performance levels.

The average salary for a Surgical Tech in Minnesota is $43,620 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This figure is higher than the national median salary for Surgical Technicians and puts Minnesota among the top paying states for this job. With experience and extra qualifications, experienced surgical techs can earn even more money.

In addition, there are many opportunities for career progression within the field of surgical technology that can increase income potential as well.

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Surgical Tech Programs Mn

Minnesota offers a variety of surgical technology programs that provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become certified surgical technologists. These programs are offered at both community colleges and technical schools, allowing students to choose from an array of options depending on their educational and career goals. Upon completion of a program, graduates may be eligible for certification through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

Surgical Tech Salary Per Hour

The average surgical technologist salary in the United States is approximately $22.26 per hour. This figure varies based on experience, location, and other factors such as whether or not a person holds a certification from the Liaison Council on Certification for the Surgical Technologist (LCC-ST). With additional certifications and experience, salaries can range up to $40 per hour or higher.

Travel Surgical Tech Salary

Travel surgical techs are in high demand due to their specialized skill set and unique ability to provide assistance during complex medical procedures. As a result, travel surgical tech salaries can be quite lucrative. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for this profession was $48,300 as of 2019.

Furthermore, those working in metropolitan areas often receive higher wages than those in rural locations due to increased demand and competition for skilled workers.

What Does a Surgical Tech Do

A Surgical Technologist, also known as a Scrub Tech or Operating Room Technician, plays an essential role in the operating room. Their primary responsibility is to prepare and organize instruments prior to surgery. They are responsible for setting up the operating room with sterile drapes and equipment, passing instruments and supplies during surgery, maintaining a sterile field throughout procedures, preparing patients for surgery by washing them and shaving incision sites when necessary, monitoring vital signs of the patient under the supervision of a surgeon or RN, cleaning and restocking surgical suites between procedures, disposing of contaminated materials following established protocols ,and providing support to surgeons during complex cases.

How to Become a Surgical Tech

Becoming a surgical technologist involves completing an accredited educational program and passing the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam. Most programs include coursework in medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, while providing hands-on experience with operating rooms and various types of equipment found there. Upon successful completion of the required courses and exams, students are eligible to apply for certification through either the National Board of Surgical Technology & Surgical Assisting or the National Center for Competency Testing.

After gaining certification, individuals may pursue careers as surgical techs in hospitals or other healthcare settings.

Surgical Tech Jobs Minneapolis

The Minneapolis area is a great place to work as a surgical technologist. With its many hospitals, specialty clinics and research centers, the Twin Cities offer plenty of opportunities for qualified professionals in this field. Surgical techs in Minneapolis can expect competitive salaries and benefits packages as well as job stability due to the high demand for skilled technicians in the area.

The city also offers an excellent quality of life with its vibrant culture, diverse neighborhoods and abundance of outdoor activities. For those interested in pursuing a career as a surgical technologist, Minneapolis is definitely worth considering!

Surgical Technician Jobs Mn

Surgical technicians in Minnesota are highly sought-after professionals in the medical field. They typically work with surgeons, nurses and other healthcare personnel to help prepare for surgical procedures, assist during surgery and provide postoperative care. With an increasing need for qualified healthcare professionals in the state, there is a growing demand for surgical technicians in Minnesota.

Those interested can pursue various certifications through accredited programs such as those offered by local community colleges or technical schools. Working as a surgical technician provides satisfying career opportunities that include competitive pay rates and flexible scheduling options.

Surgical Tech Jobs near Me

Surgical technologists play an important role in the healthcare industry by providing support during surgical procedures. If you are looking for a job as a surgical technologist, there is no need to look far – many hospitals and clinics offer jobs for these professionals near your location. With experience, surgical techs can find better pay and more opportunities to advance their career.

As with any medical profession, it is important to research local facilities and make sure they meet all of the requirements necessary for this position before applying.

How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make in Mn


What is the Highest Paid Surgical Tech?

Surgical technologists, also known as operating room technicians or scrub techs, are a vital part of the surgical team. They take on many responsibilities in the operating room, including preparing and arranging instruments for surgery, passing them to surgeons during operations, and cleaning and sterilizing equipment after surgery is complete. As such, they play an important role in ensuring patient safety throughout surgeries.

With their specialized knowledge and skillset comes the potential to earn great pay—so what is the highest paid surgical tech? The highest-paid positions for surgical technologists tend to be those with years of experience under their belt combined with advanced certifications. According to PayScale’s 2020 survey of salaries across all industries, experienced certified surgical technologists earned an average annual salary of $57,838 per year; however salaries can range from $39K – $81K depending on experience level and geographical location.

Additionally some employers may offer bonuses or other perks such as tuition reimbursement that can further increase income potential. To maximize earning potential it’s important for prospective Surgical Techs to research job opportunities carefully before accepting a position – not only should they consider the base salary but any additional compensation packages offered by employers too!

How Much Does a Surgery Tech Make in Mn?

The median salary for a Surgery Tech in Minnesota is $44,680 per year. This amount can vary depending on experience level, education, certifications held and more. The highest paid surgical techs in the state make up to $63,500 annually while those with only a few years of experience typically earn closer to the national average of $46,310.

According to, surgeons technicians in the Minneapolis-St Paul area have an even higher earning potential than other areas within Minnesota; this is likely due to the high cost of living and demand for experienced professionals there. Professional certification from organizations such as AST or NCCT can also boost salaries by several thousand dollars each year. With additional training and continued work experience in this field it’s possible for surgery techs in MN to increase their annual income significantly over time – making it one of the most rewarding careers out there!

How Much Do Scrub Techs Make in Mn?

Scrub techs in Minnesota can typically expect to make an average of $37,876 a year. This figure is slightly higher than the national median salary for scrub techs, which comes in at around $36,000 annually. Salaries may vary depending on experience and location but most positions offer competitive wages that accommodate a comfortable living.

Experienced scrub techs with advanced certifications and additional specialized skillsets often find themselves earning significantly more than the state’s average wage as employers compete for their services. Those interested in pursuing a career as a scrub tech should consider looking into Minnesota-based medical facilities or organizations to maximize earning potential while working within one of the nation’s most vibrant healthcare lobbies.

What State Pays the Highest for Surgical Tech?

When it comes to deciding where to pursue a career as a surgical tech, salary is often an important factor in the equation. The good news is that there are many states across the country which offer competitive salaries for those in this field – but some pay better than others. According to, Alaska currently offers the highest average annual wage for surgical techs at $77,973 per year.

This may be due to its lower cost of living and higher demand for specialized medical professionals; however, other states like California ($71,181), Nebraska ($69,788) and New Jersey ($66,823) also offer wages well above the national median of $55,704 per year. With so many options available when it comes to pursuing a career as a surgical tech in different parts of the country, job seekers should take their time researching which state pays best before making any final decisions on where they wish to work!


In conclusion, a Surgical Technician in Minnesota can expect to make an average of $26.12 per hour or $54,290 annually. With additional certifications and experience the potential to earn more is possible. As the demand for health care continues to increase so does the need for skilled technicians such as surgical techs who are vital members of operating room teams.

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