How Much Do Surgical Techs Make in Maryland

Surgical Technologists in Maryland earn an average of $53,630 per year as of May 2019. This figure is slightly higher than the national median salary for Surgical Techs, which was $52,330 during the same period. The lowest 10 percent earned under $38,590 and the highest 10 percent earned over $69,480.

Pay varies depending on experience level and location within Maryland. Those working in Baltimore-Columbia-Towson area had a median salary of nearly $55,160 while those employed in Cumberland nonmetropolitan area had a median salary near $49,070.

Surgical techs in Maryland are among the highest paid in the country, with an average salary of $47,841 per year. This is considerably higher than the national median income for surgical techs which stands at $43,090. The job outlook for surgical techs in Maryland is also positive due to a high demand for skilled professionals and a relatively low unemployment rate.

With experience and specialized training, salaries can escalate quickly as there are many opportunities to advance within this field.

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Surgical Tech Programs in Maryland

Maryland has a variety of surgical technology programs available to those interested in pursuing a career as a surgical technologist. These programs range from certificate and associate’s degree level courses to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, providing students with the opportunity to gain the skills needed for entry-level positions or build on their existing knowledge base for more advanced roles within the field. With required hands-on training, state-of-the-art educational facilities, and flexible course options tailored to individual needs, Maryland is an excellent place to pursue your education in this growing profession.

Surgical Technologist Salary Entry-Level

The average salary for an entry-level Surgical Technologist is $43,000 per year. Depending on location and experience, salaries can range from $35,000 – $50,000 annually. This profession requires a minimum of a postsecondary certificate or associate’s degree in surgical technology and the successful completion of an accredited program as well as passing of the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam.

With experience and additional certifications, salaries have potential to increase significantly.

Surgical Tech Salary Maryland Per Hour

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for surgical technologists in Maryland is $24.90 per hour, which translates to an annual salary of approximately $51,879 per year. This rate is slightly higher than the national median pay of $23.20 per hour, or $48,302 annually. Maryland also has a high concentration of these professionals compared to other states in the country; thus job opportunities are plentiful and wages tend to remain competitive due to increased demand for qualified technicians.

Surgical Tech Salary Dc

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, surgical technologists in the District of Columbia make an average annual salary of $56,230. This is higher than the national average for all occupations and also higher than the median wage earned by surgical techs nationwide. The job outlook for this profession remains strong due to advances in medical technology leading to a need for more highly-trained workers with specialized skills.

Surgical Tech Jobs Maryland

The demand for surgical technologists in Maryland is on the rise, with many hospitals and medical facilities looking to hire highly-skilled professionals. Surgical techs are responsible for assisting surgeons during procedures, from prepping the operating room to ensuring that all equipment is sterile and ready for use. Working as a surgical tech in Maryland can be both rewarding and challenging, offering excellent pay and benefits along with long hours and intense situations.

If you have an interest in healthcare and enjoy working closely with doctors and other medical staff members, then a career as a surgical technician could be perfect for you.

How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make an Hour

As of 2020, the average hourly wage for a Surgical Tech is $25.02 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, wages can vary greatly depending on factors such as location and experience level. In major metropolitan areas such as New York City or Los Angeles, experienced Surgical Techs may earn up to $34 an hour or more.

Additionally, those in management positions or with specialized certifications may also command higher salaries than entry-level workers.

Ccbc Surgical Tech Program

The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) offers a Surgical Technician Program that prepares students for a career in the operating room. The program includes both classroom and clinical instruction, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of surgical technology practices. Graduates are prepared to work as part of an operating room team assisting physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals during surgery.

With CCBC’s Surgical Technician Program, students gain the skills needed to pursue an exciting career in this field.

Surgical Tech Salary Baltimore

The average salary for a Surgical Technician working in Baltimore, Maryland is around $47,000 per year. This salary can vary depending on experience and certifications held by the technician. In addition to traditional wages, many employers offer competitive benefits packages such as health insurance and paid time off.

With these additional benefits added in, the total compensation for a surgical tech working in Baltimore can range from $50k-$55k per year.

How Much Do Surgical Techs Make in Maryland


How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make in Md?

The average salary for a Surgical Technologist in the state of Maryland is $20.09 per hour, or around $41,767 annually. This number can vary considerably depending on experience level and job description. Those that enter the profession with no prior training can expect to make slightly less than those who have undergone certification programs such as becoming a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST).

Experienced professionals could potentially earn even higher salaries due to their knowledge and expertise in the field. In addition, some employers may offer bonuses or other incentives based on performance metrics like patient satisfaction ratings or successful completion of challenging surgeries. It’s important to note that surgical techs often work long hours which may include nights, weekends and holidays – so it’s important to factor these into any salary expectations.

What is the Highest Paid Surgical Tech?

The highest paid Surgical Tech is a professional who works in the operating room, assisting surgeons during medical procedures. These highly skilled professionals provide critical support to surgeons by setting up and organizing surgical instruments, equipment and supplies; monitoring patient vital signs before, during and after surgery; preparing patients for surgery; positioning patients on the operating table; providing assistance with incisions and wound closure techniques; transporting specimens to pathology labs; sterilizing equipment before each procedure and disposing of contaminated materials following each procedure. In addition to these duties, they may also be asked to document patient data such as blood pressure readings or post-operative care instructions.

The salary of a Surgical Tech can vary depending on experience level, geographic location and the type of healthcare facility they work in but according to’s 2020 estimates, the average annual salary for this profession ranges from $32,000 -$54,000 per year—with some experienced professionals earning as much as $67K annually!

How Do I Become a Surgical Tech in Md?

Becoming a surgical tech in Maryland requires completing an accredited program, passing the national certification examination, and obtaining licensure from the state. The American Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ABSTSA) oversees the accreditation process for surgical technology programs. Accredited programs provide students with classroom instruction, laboratory practice, and clinical experience in all areas of surgery.

After successfully completing one of these programs, graduates are eligible to take the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam offered by ABSTSA or another certifying organization such as National Center for Competency Testing or Certifying Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution. Passing this exam will enable you to obtain licensure in Maryland; however it is important to note that some employers may require additional coursework or training on specific medical equipment before they will hire a new employee as a surgical tech. Additionally, many larger hospitals have their own credentialing process which may need to be completed prior to beginning employment there.

What State Pays the Highest for Surgical Tech?

The highest paying state for Surgical Technicians is Alaska. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, surgical technicians in Alaska earn an average hourly wage of $25.97, which translates to an annual salary of $54,000. That’s a full 40% higher than the national average wage for these professionals, who generally make around $38,500 per year across the country.

The cost of living in Alaska is also relatively high compared to other states; this makes it especially attractive for those looking to maximize their income as a Surgical Technician. In addition to wages being significantly higher than other states’, employees typically receive additional benefits such as health insurance and paid time off that can help offset some of the costs associated with living and working in one of America’s most northernmost regions.


In conclusion, the average salary of a Surgical Tech in Maryland is quite competitive when compared to the national median. With experience and specialized certifications, salaries can increase significantly beyond this baseline amount. The job outlook for Surgical Techs in Maryland is positive due to an aging population and increased need for medical care.

Therefore, working as a Surgical Tech in Maryland could be a great choice for individuals looking to pursue an exciting career with strong earning potential and job security.

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