Can I Be a Pharmacy Tech With a Felony

No, unfortunately you cannot be a pharmacy tech with a felony. Most employers require background checks prior to hiring and if they discover that you have been convicted of a felony, it is highly unlikely that they will hire you for the position. Additionally, many states regulate licensing for pharmacy technicians and often times those regulations forbid applicants with felonies from obtaining licensure.

Although it may seem unfair, this rule is in place to protect both customers and employers from potential risks associated with individuals who have committed a serious crime in the past.

  • Research Your State’s Laws: Different states have different laws regarding the eligibility of felons to become pharmacy technicians
  • It is important to research your state’s specific laws and determine if you are able to pursue this career path in your area
  • Earn a High School Diploma or GED: To be eligible for most pharmacy technician programs, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • If you do not possess these credentials, consider enrolling in an online program or attending classes at a local community college or adult education center that specializes in helping individuals earn their high school equivalency certificate
  • Complete Training Requirements: Most states require prospective pharmacy techs to complete formal training through either an accredited vocational program or hospital-based apprenticeship program before they can become certified and begin working as professionals in the field
  • Apply For Certification Exam: After completing all required training requirements, it is time to apply for certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) by submitting a PTCE application form and fee along with any necessary documents verifying completion of educational requirements
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  • Obtain Employment Verification Form From Employer : In some cases, employers may require applicants with felonies on their record provide them with employment verification forms before being hired as pharmacy technicians—this form should include information about relevant work experience, background checks and other details related to the job position
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  • Receive License/Certification After Passing Exam : Once the PTCE exam has been successfully passed, applicants will receive their license/certificate which allows them to legally practice as certified pharmacy technicians within their state boundaries

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What Disqualifies You from Being a Pharmacy Technician

In order to become a pharmacy technician, you must meet certain criteria. If you do not meet the qualifications set out by the Board of Pharmacy in your state, then you may be disqualified from becoming a pharmacy technician. This includes having any prior convictions or disciplinary actions related to drugs, misdemeanors and felonies that involve moral turpitude, as well as failing a background check or drug test.

Additionally, if you are unable to complete an approved training program and pass the certification exam administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or other agencies designated by individual states, then this would also disqualify you from being considered for employment as a pharmacy technician.

Can You Be a Pharmacy Tech With No Experience

The short answer is yes. Though most employers prefer to hire pharmacy technicians with prior experience, it is possible to become a pharmacy tech without any prior knowledge or training in the field. Many states have certification programs that allow individuals to learn the necessary skills and gain hands-on experience while on the job.

With this program, you can start working as a certified pharmacy technician even with no prior experience.

Pharmacy Technician Background Check

A pharmacy technician background check is a necessary part of the hiring process and it can help employers ensure that they are hiring qualified, trustworthy individuals. A thorough background check typically includes verifying past job history, education, criminal records, professional licenses and certifications. It may also include drug testing to ensure that all employees adhere to the standards set forth by their employer.

With the ever-increasing demand for quality healthcare services, performing a comprehensive background check on potential candidates is essential in order to protect patients’ safety and well-being.

Can I Be a Pharmacy Tech With a Dui

While having a DUI on your record may not disqualify you from becoming a pharmacy tech, it certainly could affect the outcome of background checks and job applications. Depending on the severity of the offense and how long ago it occurred, employers may decide to deny employment or place restrictions on someone with a DUI conviction. Additionally, some state boards that oversee pharmacy technician licensing have specific policies related to DUIs.

Before submitting an application for a position as a pharmacy tech, it’s best to research the employer’s hiring policy and any potential legal issues in order to make sure you meet all criteria for licensure in your state.

Does Ptcb Do Background Checks

Yes, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) does conduct background checks for those applying for certification. All applicants must pass a criminal background check prior to their approval as a certified pharmacy technician. The PTCB carefully reviews all information provided by applicants and performs detailed searches of Nationwide Multi-State Criminal Database records.

The PTCB also reserves the right to deny or revoke certification based on any findings from the background check that may indicate an applicant’s lack of fitness to fulfill the responsibilities of a certified pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy Technician Background Check Texas

In Texas, pharmacy technicians must pass a background check in order to become certified. The requirements for the background check include fingerprinting and a criminal history search from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Any applicant who has been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, or related to controlled substances will not be allowed to obtain certification as a pharmacy technician in Texas.

Can a Convicted Felon Be a Pharmacist

While it is possible for a convicted felon to become a pharmacist, the process will be more difficult and time-consuming than if they had not been previously convicted. In most states, felons must have their criminal record expunged or receive a pardon from the governor in order to even apply for licensure as a pharmacist. The licensing board may also require additional information such as letters of recommendation or evidence of rehabilitation efforts before considering an individual’s application.

Can You Be a Pharmacy Tech Without a Degree

Pharmacy techs are healthcare professionals who provide vital support to pharmacists. While the majority of pharmacy techs do have some form of postsecondary training, it is possible to enter the field without a degree. To become a certified pharmacy technician in most states, you must complete an accredited program and pass a certification exam.

However, many employers offer on-the-job training so that individuals can gain experience in the role without any prior formal education or certifications.

Can I Be a Pharmacy Tech With a Felony


Which of the Following are Criminal Violations That a Pharmacy Employee Could Be Prosecuted For?

As a pharmacy employee, there are certain criminal violations that you could be prosecuted for if found guilty. These include theft of drugs or drug-related items from the pharmacy; forging prescriptions or altering existing ones; tampering with the accuracy of patient records; mislabeling medications and dispensing incorrect dosages to patients. In addition, it is illegal for a pharmacy employee to possess an unauthorized amount of prescription medication on their person or in their vehicle while at work.

It is also unlawful to advertise or promote prescription medications without authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Finally, any attempts by a pharmacy employee to divert controlled substances such as opioids away from legitimate medical use can result in serious legal consequences including imprisonment.

Can a Felon Be a Pharmacy Tech in California?

The short answer is yes, a felon can be a pharmacy tech in California. However, the process to become certified and legally able to practice as a pharmacy tech in California is not an easy one. The individual must apply for certification through the Board of Pharmacy which includes undergoing background checks and fingerprinting before being approved.

There are also certain criminal convictions that will automatically disqualify someone from becoming certified as a pharmacy tech. For example, if the applicant has been convicted of any drug-related offense within the past five years or any felony involving dishonesty or theft within seven years they will not be eligible for certification by theBoard of Pharmacy. Additionally, individuals who have been convicted of violent felonies may find it difficult to obtain employment even with licensure as employers often set their own standards when hiring staff regardless of legal regulations governing licensure requirements.

What Pharmacy Pays Techs the Most?

The highest paying pharmacy technician jobs can be found in hospitals, with the average hourly rate often exceeding $17 an hour. Pharmacy technicians in these settings have the opportunity to work closely with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, allowing them to gain valuable experience and knowledge that could lead to higher wages down the road. Additionally, some states offer additional pay for those who take on extra duties such as medication ordering or compounding.

For those interested in working outside of a hospital setting, retail pharmacies are another option offering competitive wages and benefits packages. In addition to standard hourly pay rates, many large chains also offer bonuses or incentives for meeting certain performance metrics. Finally, specialty pharmacies may provide technicians with higher salaries due to their need for more advanced skills compared to traditional retail stores.

With so many options available depending on location and type of facility one chooses to work at, there is no shortage of opportunities when it comes to finding a well-paying job as a pharmacy technician!

Can a Felon Be a Pharmacy Tech in Ohio?

In Ohio, a felon can have the opportunity to become a pharmacy technician. The Board of Pharmacy requires all potential technicians to submit an application with the appropriate fees, and any felony convictions need to be disclosed on this application. After submission, their criminal history will be taken into consideration when deciding if they are fit for the position.

Factors such as time since conviction, type of crime committed and rehabilitation efforts play an important role in making this decision. Furthermore, applicants may also be required to provide letters of recommendation from qualified individuals who can attest to their character. The state recognizes that many people have made mistakes in life but are still capable of becoming a valuable asset in society by providing quality services as a pharmacy technician.

If accepted after review of their criminal history, felons must not only meet certification requirements but also adhere to strict ethical standards and maintain continuing education credits throughout their career as well as stay current on industry best practices for drug dispensing processes and procedures. With hard work and dedication it is possible for someone with a prior conviction record to pursue gainful employment as a certified pharmacy technician in Ohio–and help others along the way!


In conclusion, although it is more difficult for someone with a felony to become a pharmacy tech, it is not impossible. With the right resources and dedication, individuals with a felony can still pursue this career path if they meet the necessary requirements. It may take some extra effort and research on their part, but with hard work and determination there are still job opportunities available in this field.

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