A Day in the Life of a Surgical Tech

A typical day in the life of a surgical tech can vary depending on their shift and duties. However, many tasks are relatively similar across different healthcare settings. On an average day, a surgical tech may arrive at work early to review patient charts and prepare equipment for upcoming procedures.

They will then help scrub nurses set up the operating room with supplies and instruments. During surgery, they may pass instruments to surgeons or hold retractors open while providing assistance as needed. After surgery is complete, they will clean up the operating room and sterilize any reusable instruments before putting them away for later use.

The job also requires restocking supplies throughout the day as needed, ensuring all necessary items are readily available when needed during surgeries or other medical procedures.

A day in the life of a surgical tech is filled with activity and high intensity. From prepping operating rooms to monitoring patient vital signs, these highly-trained professionals are essential for ensuring successful surgeries. They work alongside surgeons and nurses to ensure that everything runs smoothly during an operation, cleaning and sterilizing instruments, passing tools to the surgeon as needed, monitoring patients’ conditions throughout surgery, and providing assistance with post-operative care.

It takes skillful multitasking abilities along with strong knowledge of medical terminology and protocols to be successful at this job – no two days are ever the same!


Pros And Cons of Being a Surgical Tech

Being a Surgical Tech is a rewarding and challenging career. On the plus side, it offers great job security since there will always be a need for skilled medical professionals in healthcare facilities. Additionally, you can expect to enjoy good benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation time and sick leave.

Furthermore, surgical techs often get to work with cutting-edge technology on a daily basis which can help keep them up-to-date with the latest advances in medical care. However, being a Surgical Tech also has its downsides; it’s an intense job that requires long hours at times and may include working irregular shifts or weekends. There is also potential risk of injury when dealing with sharp instruments or hazardous materials which requires strict safety protocols to follow at all times.

Surgical Tech Salary

Surgical Technologists are in high demand and can expect to make a good living. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for Surgical Technologists is $47,300 as of May 2019. This salary can range from as low as $33,290 or less up to as much as $67,890 or more depending on experience level and geographic region.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Surgical Tech

Becoming a surgical technologist can take anywhere from nine months to two years. Most programs offer an Associate’s Degree in Surgical Technology, though some may require additional certifications or classes and could take around three years. The length of time it takes to become a surgical tech depends on the type of program you are enrolled in and any other requirements that must be met before graduating.

Surgical Technologist

A Surgical Technologist is a healthcare professional who specializes in preparing operating rooms, equipment, and patients for surgical procedures. They are responsible for sterilizing instruments, setting up the operating room with necessary tools and supplies, and helping the surgeon throughout the procedure by passing instruments or other items as needed. Surgical Techs work closely with surgeons as well as nurses to ensure that all aspects of surgery run smoothly.

Surgical Tech Day

Surgical Tech Day is an international holiday celebrated every year on the first Thursday of February. It was founded in 2010 by the Association of Surgical Technologists to recognize and celebrate surgical technologists across the globe for their important contributions to patient care. On this day, surgical techs are honored with awards and recognition from colleagues, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations.

Why I Love Being a Surgical Tech

I love being a Surgical Tech because of the unique opportunity to be part of an elite medical team. As a Surgical Tech, I am able to directly interact with patients and provide them with the best possible care. I also enjoy the challenge of learning new surgical techniques and keep up-to-date on all the latest trends in healthcare technology.

The fast pace of surgery is both exciting and rewarding for me as well! Overall, my job provides me with a sense of purpose every day, knowing that I’m helping make a difference in people’s lives.

What are the Requirements to Be a Surgical Tech

To become a Surgical Technologist, you must have a high school diploma or GED and complete an accredited surgical technology training program. Most programs last from nine to 24 months, depending on the type of degree you are pursuing. After graduating from the program, certification is required in order for most states to allow you to practice as a surgical technologist.

Certification can be obtained through either the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Both require successful completion of an exam. Additionally, many employers may require additional certifications related to specific areas such as cardiology or pediatrics.

Surgical Tech Programs

Surgical tech programs are designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in surgical technology. These programs typically include courses in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology and healthcare ethics. Additionally, clinical experience is usually required to provide hands-on training in operating room procedures such as instrumentation sterilization and patient preparation.

Upon completion of a program, graduates may be eligible to take the certification exam offered by The National Board of Surgical Technology & Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

A Day in the Life of a Surgical Tech

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What is a Day in the Life of a Surgical Tech?

A day in the life of a surgical tech can vary greatly depending on the setting. In a hospital, they may be responsible for preparing operating rooms with necessary instruments and supplies, sterilizing equipment and assisting surgeons during operations. They must be able to operate high-tech medical equipment such as endoscopes, lasers and other specialized devices that are used in surgery.

Throughout the day, they help ensure patient safety by monitoring vital signs before, during and after procedures. After surgery is completed, surgical techs may also assist with closing incisions or applying dressings to wound sites. Outside of surgery time, surgical techs often find themselves answering phones or scheduling appointments for patients who need follow-up care.

Additionally, they may spend their days restocking supplies in the operating room or helping clean up afterwards to prepare it for future surgeries. No two days are alike as a surgical technician which makes this career path an exciting one!

What are the Cons of Being a Surgical Technologist?

Being a Surgical Technologist has its pros and cons, just like any other job. One of the cons of being a Surgical Technologist is that it can be extremely stressful due to the nature of the work. Not only do they have to assist in surgeries with precision and skill, but they must also be prepared for any unexpected situation during surgery.

The environment in which they are working can also be dangerous; exposure to radiation, sharp objects, chemicals, etc., can all pose safety risks. Additionally, since surgeons rely heavily on technologists’ skills and knowledge during operations, mistakes made by them could potentially cost someone their life or cause serious injury or harm. Working long hours is another con associated with this profession; surgical procedures often take several hours to complete and some may require overnight shifts as well as weekend work.

What are the Pros And Cons of a Surgical Tech?

A surgical tech is a very rewarding and important job in the medical field. As with any career, there are pros and cons to being a surgical tech. On the pro side, working as a surgical technician can provide you with stability since it’s an essential role in the healthcare industry.

You will also gain experience in many different aspects of medicine, from pre-operation preparation to post-operative care for patients. There is good potential for growth within this profession too; by completing further education or specialized certifications you can move your way up into more senior positions such as an operating room supervisor or lead assistant surgeon position. Additionally, depending on where you work and your level of experience, you may be able to enjoy excellent benefits including health insurance plans and generous paid leave options.

On the other hand, one of the biggest cons when it comes to becoming a surgical technician is that it requires long hours on your feet while dealing with stressful situations; therefore it’s not suitable for people who don’t handle pressure well or those looking for 9-5 type jobs without much overtime involved.

How Happy are Surgical Techs?

Surgical techs are some of the most content workers in the medical field. They are often satisfied with their job and enjoy seeing patients get better. A big part of that satisfaction comes from knowing that they’re making a difference in patient care, helping to ensure safe and successful surgical outcomes.

Additionally, surgical techs have many opportunities for advancement within the healthcare industry, so there is potential for professional growth as well as job stability. With an average salary of $48,000 per year, working conditions can be quite comfortable too! Furthermore, because surgery centers typically offer flexible hours and schedules, it helps create work-life balance—which is essential for happiness at work (and home).

Overall, surgical techs appear to be happy with their chosen profession and feel fulfilled by being able to help those in need through their expertise and dedication.


A Day in the Life of a Surgical Tech as highlighted in this blog post is full of hard work and dedication. It is an essential role that helps to ensure optimal patient care during surgery. The surgical techs must be knowledgeable, organized, and ready for anything that comes their way.

They are a valuable asset to any operating room team and help surgeons provide safe and effective treatments for their patients. With the right attitude, training, and experience, a career as a surgical tech can be very rewarding both professionally and personally.

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