12 Dramas Like Weightlifting Fairy That You Should Watch

Weightlifting Fairy is a Korean drama in which the series is about romance and sports. The coming age of romance and love between couples. The plot is about Kim Bo-joo, who is a well-talented and educated student at Hanwoon College.

Bo-joo is well well-talented and dedicated sport lover who lift weight as a profession, and it is her profession. She doesn’t fit in the world of feminism. She is muscular and believes and being strong feminine. Bo-joo who is getting a chance to encounter Jung Joon-Hyung. He is her childhood friend, and he started teasing her for her masculine appearance and boyish looks.

Joon-hyung started getting attracted to her after realizing that she is a passionate personality who is in love with her dream. In her career progress, she faces lots of problems and hurdles.

Even though she got lots of injuries and faced friendships, she started forming new teammates and started getting into the show. Joon-Hyung is an athlete who is getting into a new career in weightlifting for her dream and passion.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo.
Weightlifting Fairy Kim (Credits: Netflix)

Here, we have a similar drama like the weightlifting fairy, where a girl wants to be passionate about a job. This drama has a similar plot to weightlifting fairy, which is quite relatable to a dream of a person. This transformation will keep you all up-to-date and watchable about a person’s dream and passion.

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Playful Kiss

It is a South Korean drama based on a manga. Itazura na Kiss is a popular manga that was read by many readers, and afterwards, a similar drama was made out of it. Playful Kiss is a romantic and comedic show with lots of characters.

Oh, Ha-ni is a high school who is gifted when it comes to study. She becomes a top student in her school with a perfect academic record. As time passes by, she encounters an earthquake where she loses her house. Even her best friend’s father helped her in staying in his house.

Playful Kiss
Playful Kiss (Credits: Netflix)

She stays with Seung-jo, who is also her crush, and even now, they both are in the same house living the best life. The secret reveals that Seung-jo is her crush, seung-jo is not interested in her and avoids her most of the time.

He started getting interested in her when he realized that he had feelings for her. The story is about a cute crush based where Ha-ni has a crush on Seung, and the love story continues with all turns. The misunderstanding between them started happening is something that happens in love.

  • Director: Hwang Inroi
  • Producer: Song Byungjoon
  • Cast: Kim Hyunjoong, Jung Somin
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Rating: Popular among fans for its cute love story
  • Where to Watch:

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The narrative centers on Do Bong-soon, the title personality, a young woman with extraordinary superhuman strength that she acquired from her mother and grandmother. Bong-soon accepts a position as a security guard for Ahn Min-hyuk, who is the CEO of a video game company, after he is impressed by her power and hires her to defend him from an unidentified threat.

A charming and amusing businessman named Min-hyuk starts to feel attracted to Bong-soon as they spend more time with one another. In addition, Bong-soon has a long-standing crush on her friend Gook-doo, a police officer, which creates an intricate love triangle.

(image credits - google)
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Credits: Netflix)

Bong-soon is a compassionate, slightly foolish woman who strives to make her own video game, regardless of having incredible skills. In between all of the romantic relationships, a string of kidnapping cases involving young women takes place in their neighborhood. With her strength, Bong-soon makes the decision to take issues into her own ownership and, with Min-hyuk’s assistance, starts looking into these crimes.

Bong-soon experiences personal growth and discovery as she juggles her duties as a bodyguard, her developing love with Min-hyuk, and her search for the kidnapper. She develops confidence and finds out how to responsibly use her power.

  • Director: Lee Hyungmin
  • Producer: Park Junseo
  • Cast: Park Boyoung, Park Hyungsik, Ji Soo
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy and Fantasy
  • Rating: Highly praised for its humor and strong female lead.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Cinderella and the Four Knights

A combination of romantic humor, drama, and modern fairy tales, “Cinderella and Four Knights” is a drama series. Eun Ha-won, a good-hearted and diligent young woman, is portrayed as living with her evil stepmother and stepsister in the narrative.

Ha-won perseveres in the face of adversity, working a number of part-time jobs to help herself and putting money aside for college. Ha-won meets Kang Hyun-min, a blessed millionaire heir to a group of companies, who offers her a sizeable sum of money to complete a task for him, one day.

Cinderella and the Four Knights
Cinderella and the Four Knights (Credits: Netflix)

The Kang siblings are renowned for leading playboy ways of life and being reluctant to assume leadership roles in the business nation of their family. The task of making these young men into more accountable and compassionate people falls to Ha-won. Lee Yoon-sung, the security officer for the Kang family, refers to her as “Cinderella” because of her humble beginnings and her goal to improve the lives of these so-called “knights.”

Ha-won encounters a number of difficulties, plot twists, and romantic connections as she becomes more closely involved with Kang’s relatives. In particular, her conversations with the three cousins resulted in complicated interactions and romantic triangles as well. The Kang cousins experience personal development and change as a result of Ha-won’s effect over time.

  • Director: Kwon Hyukchan
  • Producer: Park Sooseon
  • Cast: Park Sodam, Jung Ilwoo, Ahn Jaehyun
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Rating: Enjoyable for fans of modern Cinderella stories.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo

Kim Bok-joo, a gifted weightlifter who studies at Hanwool College of Physical Education, is the focus of the narrative. Bok-joo is committed to her sport, but she experiences self-confidence and esteem problems because she thinks she doesn’t fit the stereotypical feminine mould.

Bok-joo meets Jung Joon-hyung, an athlete and childhood friend who is currently enrolled in the same university by chance one day. Unaware that she is the same girl he understood as a child, Joon-hyung recognizes her and starts making fun of her appearance. Joon-hyung gradually develops a new perspective on Bok-joo as they spend more time collectively and grow attracted to her independent spirit.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo (Credits: Netflix)

Bok-joo encounters a variety of difficulties as her weightlifting career develops, such as injuries and the stress of competing successfully. She develops close friendships with other players and other athletes across the way, who offer support and inspiration.

The drama also delves into the hopes and aspirations of Bok-joo’s friends, such as her best friend Nan-hee, and their struggles to find love, friendship, and their own development as emerging adults.

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo” emphasizes themes of acceptance of oneself, pursuing one’s own interests, and the transforming power of love and friendship throughout the entire series. Because of its inspiring message and endearing characters, this story has found resonance with viewers.

  • Director: Oh Hyunjong
  • Producer: Lee Sunghoon
  • Cast: Lee Sungkyung, Nam Joohyuk
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy, Sports
  • Rating: Loved for its sweet romance and sports theme.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

The narrative centers on Kang Mi-rae, a young woman who has been embarrassed about her appearance because she was bullied and teased for it since she was a child. In order to become more typically attractive during her college years, she makes the decision to have plastic surgery.

As she recovers from the surgery she looks stunning, but she continues to struggle with a lack of self-worth and the worry that others only see her for her appearance.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty
My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Credits: Netflix)

Mi-rae has a fresh start at university, but her insecurities still exist. She meets fellow student Do Kyung-seok at college, who is considered to be attractive but has a set-aside demeanor.

Mi-Rae makes her way through college as she befriends Hyun Soo-a, a popular and fashionable young woman with her own doubts despite her outward confidence.

  • Director: Choi Sungbum
  • Producer: Kim Dohoon
  • Cast: Im Soohyang, Cha Eunwoo
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama
  • Rating: Addresses themes of self-esteem and beauty standards.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

The Heirs

Kim Tan, an elite and appealing young man who is the successor to the Empire on Television Group, one of the largest business groups in South Korea. Tan is lonely and unhappy despite his family’s wealth because of his complicated relationship with his mother and his position as an unnatural child.

The Heirs
The Heirs (Credits: Netflix)

Tan meets a girl named Cha Eun-sang, an energetic and compassionate young woman looking for her older sister while studying abroad in the United States. Eun-sang experiences numerous difficulties, and her family is financially strapped. She runs into Kim Tan once more. He then learns that she is residing in his family’s lavish mansion under the guise of a live-in helper.

Viewers become drawn into a wealthy world, with primary concerns of family, love, desire, and disparities in wealth. The narrative centered on the characters’ quest for affection and joy as well as their own private and emotional growth.

  • Director: Kang Shinhyo
  • Producer: Choi Moonsuk
  • Cast: Lee Minho, Park Shinhye, Kim Woobin
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Rating: Famous for its star-studded cast and dramatic storyline.

You’re Beautiful

The narrative centres on Go Mi-nyeo, a sweet and gifted young woman who once resided in a monastery and had aspirations of becoming a nun. Her life, however, takes an unexpected turn when Go Mi-nam, one of her twin brothers and a member of the well-known idol group A.N.JELL, asks her to do something.

Mi-nam needs corrective cataract surgery, so he begs Mi-nyeo to pretend to be him and fill in for him in the band while he heals.

You're Beautiful
You’re Beautiful (Credits: Netflix)

Mi-nyeo hesitantly agrees and starts to live as a young man in order to respect her brother’s desires. As soon as she joins, she takes the moniker “Go Mi-nam.” The remaining members of the band are guitarist Kang Shin-woo and the lead singer Hwang Tae-kyung, who is distant and perfectionist in nature.

Mi-nyeo grows close to the people who are part of A.N.JELL as she negotiates the difficulties of keeping her secret identity and developing close friendships with each of them. Her relationship with Tae-kyung, however, becomes significantly more difficult as he gradually learns what she really is and starts to feel something for “Mi-nam.”

The drama delves into the highs and lows of Mi-nyeo’s double life, her connections to A.N.JELL members, and their challenges in the cutthroat music business. Themes of belonging, fortune, love, and discovering himself are also explored.

  • Director: Hong Sungchang
  • Producer: Han Hee
  • Cast: Jang Keunsuk, Park Shinhye, Lee Hongki
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Rating: A fun tale of mistaken identity in the world of Kpop.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Love in the Moonlight

Go Mi-nyeo is a woman, kind-hearted, and wanted to become a nun. Destiny takes her to a music band where she performs and learns music at her brother’s place. Her brother got into an accident and now has wye surgery.

She needed to take her birthplace so that she could recover from financial debt. She took care of her brother’s wish to become a successful musician. In the new music band, she met Hwang Tae-kyun, and she realized that he had an aloof and perfectionist personality. He is gentle and even way more than caring for anyone. He has a cheerful personality.

Love in the Moonlight
Love in the Moonlight (Credits: Netflix)

Mi-Nyeo faces lots of challenges, ups and downs. Her secret is that she is a part of a music band after being a nun. She interacted with the music band and started developing an interest in music.

As she navigates all the surroundings of the new place, she starts developing an interest in music and songs. The interactions she faces and her struggles are competitive. In the new music industry, she belongs to A.NJELL group, which is known for its top records.

  • Director: Kim Sungyoon
  • Producer: Jung Haeryong
  • Cast: Park Bogum, Kim Yoojung
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Historical Romance
  • Rating: A delightful historical romance with a charming prince.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

Reply 1997

The plot, which takes place in the year 1997, centers on the lives of an intimate circle of friends who reside in the South Korean town of Busan, which was Sung Shi-won, portrayed by Jung Eun-ji, is the main character.

She is a vivacious high school student and ardent supporter of the well-known K-pop boy group H.O.T. Shi-won becomes the leader of the band’s spread club as a result of her aversion to H.O.T. The drama centers on Shi-won’s relationships with her group of companions, including Mo Yoo-jung.

Reply 1997
Reply 1997 (Credits: Netflix)

In the scenes set in the present day, the friends gather together and learn that one of them has become a well-known celebrity. The celebrity’s identity is kept a secret, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

“Reply 1997” perfectly captures the fondness of the late 1990s, which includes the style, music, and references to popular culture of the time. Themes of companionship, first love, relationships within families, and the ties that bind during teenage years are also explored. The show gets praise for its relatable characters and its ability to stir up memories.

  • Director: Shin Wonho
  • Producer: Lee Myunghan
  • Cast: Jung Eunji, Seo Inguk
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: ComingofAge, Romance
  • Rating: A nostalgic journey through the ’90s and first love.

To the Beautiful You

The plot centers on Goo Jae-hee, a young girl who has no choice but to meet Kang Tae-joon, her hero and the high jump winner, in person.

Jae-hee dresses as a boy and enrolls at Genie Athletics High School, a school exclusively for boys, in order to be near Tae-Joon to assist him. In order to assist Tae-joon in regaining his confidence and getting back into athletics, she takes on the name “Goo Jae-hee” and becomes the high jump group there.

To the Beautiful You
To the Beautiful You (Credits: Netflix)

Jae-hee encounters a variety of comical situations as she adjusts to life as a boy and develops close relationships with her male peers. Cha Eun-gyul, her new flatmate, starts to feel something for Jae-hee and starts to wonder if she is who she claims to be. Although initially oblivious to Jae-hee’s real identity, Tae-joon eventually accepts her as a teammate and begins to open up to her.

Jae-hee finds it harder and harder to keep her secret throughout the course of the series, particularly as her feelings for Tae-joon grow stronger. She must balance helping Tae-joon get over his mental and physical challenges with managing her growing desire for him.

  • Director: Jeon Kisang
  • Producer: Choi Moonsuk
  • Cast: Sulli, Choi Minho
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Rating: A cute story about a girl disguising herself as a boy.

Dream High

Kirin Art High School, where all talented students are shaped into young and talented singers. All of the singers are known for their singing, dancing, and acting talents. The dream high drama focused on Go Hye-mi, who is a pianist and aspires to become a Pianist.

He is facing all of the financial issues to make a career in the entertainment industry. Song Sm-dong is another talented singer who is also looking forward to becoming a singer. He composed all of his music by himself. Even his true mission is to be a musician. Yoon Baek-hee is a skilled singer who is jealous of Hye-mi.

Dream High
Dream High (Credits: Netflix)

Jason is a talented singer who is a member of an idol group; his life is all about improving his life and his confidence level. His dream of becoming a superstar and a K-pop star. All of the dancers and singers go through a rigorous training session. They all go through sessions so that they can compete in all of the training and friendship experiences. The entertainment industry is capturing all of the performances of these artists.

  • Director: Lee Eungbok
  • Producer: Bae Yongjoon
  • Cast: Suzy, Kim Soohyun, Taecyeon
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Music and Romance
  • Rating: Explores the dreams of aspiring K-pop stars.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

My Love from the Star

Do Min-joon, an alien who got on Earth 400 years ago throughout the Joseon Dynasty, serves as the drama’s main character. He appears to be a young, attractive man who has never aged; he has a number of unique abilities, including telepathy, the capacity to freeze time, and superhuman strength.

My Love from the Star
My Love from the Star (Credits: Netflix)

Min-Joon currently works as a professor at a university and makes an effort to maintain a low profile. When he meets Cheon Song-Yi, a well-known actress, his life takes an unexpected turn. The lives of Min-joon and Song-yi are intertwined. Song-yi becomes intrigued by Min-joon’s skills after discovering that he is an alien.

The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2 The Nun 2

Despite their first disputes, they develop an intimate bond and ultimately fall in love. But their relationship was severely hampered by Min-joon’s hiding and his approaching departure from Earth in three months.

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  • Director: Jang Taeyoo
  • Producer: No Jihong
  • Cast: Kim Soohyun, Jun Jihyun
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genre: Romance and Fantasy
  • Rating: Features a unique love story between an alien and a top actress.
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

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